New Update

Hey guys,

I have some great news for my eager readers. I will now write (well post) at least 1 blog a day starting today (currently 15/08/2017). I finally got my “sh!t” together and scheduled my days to write more and more blogs. The gaming blogs will still be on hold for about 2 – 3 weeks but they will return. I will also be adding two other campaigns of d&d that I currently run as well so there will be plenty to read.

One will be called The Adventurers’ Den and the other will be called The Young’ns Minds.

At this moment, I have 50 blog entries to post. The full length blogs are also coming along with 3 of them ready to post or should I say “update”. So with Princes of the Apocalypse Part 14 just posted part 15 will be posted tomorrow until I catch up with the latest adventure in that module. I think its up to part 51. So look forward to that.

Thanks for reading my random stuff