Princes of the Apocalypses Part 31


Welcome back readers,

In this session I almost had a TPK, not intentional but it almost happened. I had the fiery portal there for them to simply inspect what was happening in the portal or just let it close on its own. The NPCs I had placed in the session was going to reveal their power to teach the players that threats can only be handled by those of power or at least those that didn’t have 1 hit point. I even hinted that there was still 6 minutes until the ritual would be completed. So in hindsight they could have had a quick short rest. [To catch their breath].

Now for those of you who don’t house rule. [What’s wrong with you. No really!!] But for those of you who do, I feel that the short rest rule is just a little too long. 1 hour after every battle is not right. It’s not thematic to take a short breather to rest. And you might be thinking that I run really hard battles with loads of enemies but those battles are usually the quick ones. I had 2-3 enemies in this portal with only 2 of them attacking at a time. [Wizards concentrating on the summoning ritual]. I did make their surroundings a little dangerous. [Fire elemental plane, so fire damage every round on a failed Constitution saving throw]

Adran the very calculating wizard was the last person to jump into the portal. I understand the rangers and the rogues and the fighters to jump in but the wizard?

Not my fault. At least I think so. Well it wasn’t my intention.

The fight was simple but the terrain was like a volcano area and just falling off the path could kill a player. They fought with a fire elemental, it was meant to be part of Imix but I decided to just make it the soul of Imix. As well as 3 wizards.

Anyway here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Rock charges in
  2. Fire portal
  3. Exploring dwarven statue
  4. 10 minutes to go
  5. Looting the lich
  6. 6 minutes till ritual
  7. Grizilla said rest?
  8. Lava and spicy heat
  9. 3 wizards = fire elemental cultists
  10. Large Fire elemental
  11. A Paladin of the light
  12. The heat
  13. The fall
  14. The voice
  15. The divine intervention

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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 30


Welcome back readers,

In this session, the crew finally closed all the portals with the orcs, elementals and the mysterious shadow. Then they encounter the first fight for the underground encounter.

In this session there was mostly just a fight. There isn’t much to talk about except for my underestimation of my players taking on the challenges in different orders. I was initially hoping that the crew would get through the trap and then deal with the wizards holding the portal from the fire elemental plane creating the chaos in the town of Red Larch. I had wanted my players to find the clues of closing the first portal then deal with the 3 portals with their new found knowledge.

Not the other way around where dealing with 3 portals first then dealing with 1 fiery portal. I was supposed to vacuum the sacrifices towards the fiery portal but one of the players found a way to stop that. Well I suppose that was the lack of my skill as a DM.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Portal = All closed
  2. Orcs dealt with
  3. Elementals excavated
  4. Wizard defeated
  5. Wizard was a Lich?
  6. Eladrin Warriors came and left?
  7. 3 wizards + Fiery portal

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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 29


Welcome back my readers,

On this week’s session the crew decided to take the side-side quest to show them that the world is pretty screwed up and that the cultists are everywhere. I wanted them to just burst in and crush the very easy encounter then explore the place and then move on to the main quest. But of course they all moved in all cautiously and I had to hype up the sessions to come because as all DMs should know a boring session is a bad session. I wanted the crew to catch the enemy “preparing” a ritual and that they should stop the advance of the ritual.

But they all pussy footed their approach. They spent 30 minutes examining the traps, interrogated a Tiefling for 30 more minutes and actually moving after killing a player’s character for 30 minutes. And the rest of the session fighting cultists and hordes of easy plebs. If you’re wondering what level the crew is at this time. They were level 4 – 7. And I had the challenge rating of the session at 1 so that they could just run in and stop it then continue. But with them constantly kept searching for something that was just not there. So I put the challenge rating up to 5. It was still easy to defeat but still fun.

Anyway, here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Team finds Mug & Reed in the floating rocks room
  2. Luna finds Hopps
  3. Rock discovers first sacrifice of the fire cultist
  4. A dwarf named Tantur Ironfist
  5. Flames are consuming the dwarf
  6. Reed (NPC) flips the switch
  7. Releasing the traps in the corridor
  8. Three Portals
  9. Kill the orcs = portal 1
  10. Kill the elementals = portal 2
  11. ? = portal 3
  12. Fight the orcs

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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 28


Welcome back readers,

In this session the guys continued to cause more problems in town like breaking walls in the tavern or ceiling. Internal struggles. Not knowing what to prioritize. Or just plain out confused. I had the main figure of the law “The constable” go to a different town to hint the fact that there was nothing left to do in Red Larch expect for person development like completing personal side quests. But my crew had decided that Red Larch was their main base. At this point I was now hinting at every turn that staying in town would get them nowhere.

I had “subtly” hinted certain chooses that were most suited for that character. But none of them took it. A ranger to engage with animals, or the fighter goliath vs some “large” monster, or the cleric having more encounters with cultists or just exploring the town and NPCs for info rather than random destruction.

Well anyway here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Town encounters
  2. Halflings are cunning?
  3. Die Thieves
  4. More tavern destruction
  5. Threatening Talos
  6. Talos is OP
  7. Talos fixes the damages
  8. Team gathering
  9. Information Collection
  10. Underground first
  11. Then tower invitation
  12. Last elemental temple
  13. Going Underground
  14. Traps!!
  15. Cultists’ Sacrifices
  16. Time to Flank
  17. Aeroplane Jelly?
  18. Tiefling from Fallcrest
  19. Warlock = Evil?
  20. Blast!!!!!!!

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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 27


Welcome back readers,

This week I had thought the guys would actually gather up and decide to go out of town. But unfortunately that’s not the case. The supposed leader was just randomly wandered town and tried to be the spotlight hero. Trying to stop the criminals. Thieves and con artists. And ignoring the real problem or at least the more prominent problem. Resolving the panthers’ problem. Or the invitation to a mysteries tower. Or even investigating the problems of cultists (in town).

While other players waited for Lothram, Rock manages his boredom with building a guildhall. Causing trouble in the tavern. Trying to attune to a cloak. As well as their encounter with Kriv the goblin and the mechanized horse.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. MORE town encounters (This time around this was not my fault)
  2. Harassment at the stable
  3. The wolf lives again!!
  4. Return of the panthers
  5. Wrath of Lothram
  6. Rock builds a Guild Hall with the dwarves
  7. Reed and Grizilla gathering info
  8. Rock vs Lothram
  9. Tavern antics
  10. Adran info gathering (mind reading + interrogation)
  11. Picked the wrong person
  12. Talos the Wizard intervenes
  13. Portals
  14. The note from the stable
  15. Kriv + Horse = Flying horse

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The Adventurer’s Den Part 1


Welcome readers to this New Campaign.

In this campaign, I ran the setting a little differently from the norm. Here I wanted to continue one of my older campaigns where many of my players had quit due to work and other stuff. It was a setting that is purely custom aside from the map. Which I still use to this day. The Forgotten Realms. Or to be more precise the land/continent of Faerun.

Since I have one of the old players from that campaign I had to change a little bit of the setting and fast forward it to 5 years in game.

By the way, I originally ran the campaign with the 4th edition rule set.

So as I said earlier, the starting setting was changed. I changed it by having many of the townsfolk monsters. Yes, monsters. Like Drow, Darklings, Devils, Minotaurs and goblin-kin. Now you might be thinking that “Hold on, wouldn’t the heroes of the realm just have killed the lot of them as a quest” or something along those lines, right? Well I had it set up that 5 years prior, a band of powerful heroes were able to liberate the town from its previous tyrants. But after restoring the town back to its peaceful roots decided to make all creatures equal. With a treaty formed, monsters could now enter town in a disguise through magical means.

Now, the monsters would then be very odd about their behaviour by strange inconspicuous gestures, like asking if the one they are actually talking to are “Humans?”

This was going to be one of those campaigns that would either be a make it or break it kind of game.

I did place one very important rule with my players about character creation and that was if they wanted to be a monster race they must be Evil in alignment. So out of the 9 possible alignment choices Evil characters could be Chaotic Evil (CE), Neutral Evil (NE) or Lawful Evil (LE).

This was not an evil campaign, but the story around it is a little deeper than most of the games I currently run. I used to run story heavy campaigns before but these days players are all about being “Murder Hobos” or “Power More-locks”.

Anyway, the session was pretty much just an introduction to the game with players having their characters introduced and having encountered the weirdness of the world or at least the town of Loudwater.


Also, here is the current list of characters and their levels:

Beholder Cleric Lv2 – Khoa

Human Monk Lv1 – Jackie Lee

Tiefling Warlock Lv2 – Hartricia


Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Setting introduction
  2. West gate
  3. Long line
  4. Human?
  5. East gate
  6. Short line
  7. Drunk Wizard Guard?
  8. GS weapons, armour, items and gear not allowed?
  9. Partying Warlocks at the tavern
  10. Why are all the guards Halflings?
  11. Exploring the town – Monk
  12. Finding some minions – Cleric
  13. Igor’s Emporium
  14. Set the Meeting
  15. The town is full of what?

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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 24


Welcome back my eager readers,

In this week’s session Gevuaden was unable to play due to exams or maybe it was work or just his schedule. But this week the team still had an interesting session involving an airship, a variety of quirky characters and the return to the Town of Red Larch.

To be honest I didn’t want them to return to Red Larch again as it would just be the players trying to restock supplies and hassle the townsfolk for information they don’t even have. I had given the players clear leads to their next adventure but they just like to hoard and camp at the same place. But I still tried to make the town encounters fun. The crew returns to town to reap the rewards of completing their mission even though it was pretty much just half assed effort. They all had talking roles to play and no combat whatsoever. I needed to promote the concept of joining a guild or a faction to give them some good benefits but of course they thought it was not worth it.

On another note I had various characters also encounter “NEWS” of what such powerful characters were doing in the world of this game. An Elven Wizard named Talos had joined up with a certain airship crew to stop the threat of fiery monsters of a certain kingdom. They were given this information to give them the hint that the world was ending soon. Or if the players just wanted to kill random things the enemies would be much more difficult to deal with in the “book’s temples”. Only one player got the hint but she was ignored as the parties’ avarice got the better of them.

I also made certain connections to other NPCs to guide the players on the importance of the campaign and where it will lead them. But it just didn’t click with them and they were more engrossed with getting “POWERFUL” new items.


Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Ship Encounters
  2. Medic room
  3. Serenading Dwarf
  4. Goblin Scout
  5. The Captain’s News
  6. Talos is who?
  7. Town Encounters
  8. Nibbles
  9. Reed is promoted
  10. Nibbles is who?
  11. The stables
  12. Isn’t that Gevuaden’s Wolf?
  13. Shopping session

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