Princes of the Apocalypses Part 31


Welcome back readers,

In this session I almost had a TPK, not intentional but it almost happened. I had the fiery portal there for them to simply inspect what was happening in the portal or just let it close on its own. The NPCs I had placed in the session was going to reveal their power to teach the players that threats can only be handled by those of power or at least those that didn’t have 1 hit point. I even hinted that there was still 6 minutes until the ritual would be completed. So in hindsight they could have had a quick short rest. [To catch their breath].

Now for those of you who don’t house rule. [What’s wrong with you. No really!!] But for those of you who do, I feel that the short rest rule is just a little too long. 1 hour after every battle is not right. It’s not thematic to take a short breather to rest. And you might be thinking that I run really hard battles with loads of enemies but those battles are usually the quick ones. I had 2-3 enemies in this portal with only 2 of them attacking at a time. [Wizards concentrating on the summoning ritual]. I did make their surroundings a little dangerous. [Fire elemental plane, so fire damage every round on a failed Constitution saving throw]

Adran the very calculating wizard was the last person to jump into the portal. I understand the rangers and the rogues and the fighters to jump in but the wizard?

Not my fault. At least I think so. Well it wasn’t my intention.

The fight was simple but the terrain was like a volcano area and just falling off the path could kill a player. They fought with a fire elemental, it was meant to be part of Imix but I decided to just make it the soul of Imix. As well as 3 wizards.

Anyway here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Rock charges in
  2. Fire portal
  3. Exploring dwarven statue
  4. 10 minutes to go
  5. Looting the lich
  6. 6 minutes till ritual
  7. Grizilla said rest?
  8. Lava and spicy heat
  9. 3 wizards = fire elemental cultists
  10. Large Fire elemental
  11. A Paladin of the light
  12. The heat
  13. The fall
  14. The voice
  15. The divine intervention

[insert full story here]


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