Princes of the Apocalypse Part 30


Welcome back readers,

In this session, the crew finally closed all the portals with the orcs, elementals and the mysterious shadow. Then they encounter the first fight for the underground encounter.

In this session there was mostly just a fight. There isn’t much to talk about except for my underestimation of my players taking on the challenges in different orders. I was initially hoping that the crew would get through the trap and then deal with the wizards holding the portal from the fire elemental plane creating the chaos in the town of Red Larch. I had wanted my players to find the clues of closing the first portal then deal with the 3 portals with their new found knowledge.

Not the other way around where dealing with 3 portals first then dealing with 1 fiery portal. I was supposed to vacuum the sacrifices towards the fiery portal but one of the players found a way to stop that. Well I suppose that was the lack of my skill as a DM.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Portal = All closed
  2. Orcs dealt with
  3. Elementals excavated
  4. Wizard defeated
  5. Wizard was a Lich?
  6. Eladrin Warriors came and left?
  7. 3 wizards + Fiery portal

[insert full story here]


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