Princes of the Apocalypse Part 29


Welcome back my readers,

On this week’s session the crew decided to take the side-side quest to show them that the world is pretty screwed up and that the cultists are everywhere. I wanted them to just burst in and crush the very easy encounter then explore the place and then move on to the main quest. But of course they all moved in all cautiously and I had to hype up the sessions to come because as all DMs should know a boring session is a bad session. I wanted the crew to catch the enemy “preparing” a ritual and that they should stop the advance of the ritual.

But they all pussy footed their approach. They spent 30 minutes examining the traps, interrogated a Tiefling for 30 more minutes and actually moving after killing a player’s character for 30 minutes. And the rest of the session fighting cultists and hordes of easy plebs. If you’re wondering what level the crew is at this time. They were level 4 – 7. And I had the challenge rating of the session at 1 so that they could just run in and stop it then continue. But with them constantly kept searching for something that was just not there. So I put the challenge rating up to 5. It was still easy to defeat but still fun.

Anyway, here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Team finds Mug & Reed in the floating rocks room
  2. Luna finds Hopps
  3. Rock discovers first sacrifice of the fire cultist
  4. A dwarf named Tantur Ironfist
  5. Flames are consuming the dwarf
  6. Reed (NPC) flips the switch
  7. Releasing the traps in the corridor
  8. Three Portals
  9. Kill the orcs = portal 1
  10. Kill the elementals = portal 2
  11. ? = portal 3
  12. Fight the orcs

[insert full story here]


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