Princes of the Apocalypse Part 28


Welcome back readers,

In this session the guys continued to cause more problems in town like breaking walls in the tavern or ceiling. Internal struggles. Not knowing what to prioritize. Or just plain out confused. I had the main figure of the law “The constable” go to a different town to hint the fact that there was nothing left to do in Red Larch expect for person development like completing personal side quests. But my crew had decided that Red Larch was their main base. At this point I was now hinting at every turn that staying in town would get them nowhere.

I had “subtly” hinted certain chooses that were most suited for that character. But none of them took it. A ranger to engage with animals, or the fighter goliath vs some “large” monster, or the cleric having more encounters with cultists or just exploring the town and NPCs for info rather than random destruction.

Well anyway here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Town encounters
  2. Halflings are cunning?
  3. Die Thieves
  4. More tavern destruction
  5. Threatening Talos
  6. Talos is OP
  7. Talos fixes the damages
  8. Team gathering
  9. Information Collection
  10. Underground first
  11. Then tower invitation
  12. Last elemental temple
  13. Going Underground
  14. Traps!!
  15. Cultists’ Sacrifices
  16. Time to Flank
  17. Aeroplane Jelly?
  18. Tiefling from Fallcrest
  19. Warlock = Evil?
  20. Blast!!!!!!!

[insert full story here]


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