Princes of the Apocalypse Part 27


Welcome back readers,

This week I had thought the guys would actually gather up and decide to go out of town. But unfortunately that’s not the case. The supposed leader was just randomly wandered town and tried to be the spotlight hero. Trying to stop the criminals. Thieves and con artists. And ignoring the real problem or at least the more prominent problem. Resolving the panthers’ problem. Or the invitation to a mysteries tower. Or even investigating the problems of cultists (in town).

While other players waited for Lothram, Rock manages his boredom with building a guildhall. Causing trouble in the tavern. Trying to attune to a cloak. As well as their encounter with Kriv the goblin and the mechanized horse.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. MORE town encounters (This time around this was not my fault)
  2. Harassment at the stable
  3. The wolf lives again!!
  4. Return of the panthers
  5. Wrath of Lothram
  6. Rock builds a Guild Hall with the dwarves
  7. Reed and Grizilla gathering info
  8. Rock vs Lothram
  9. Tavern antics
  10. Adran info gathering (mind reading + interrogation)
  11. Picked the wrong person
  12. Talos the Wizard intervenes
  13. Portals
  14. The note from the stable
  15. Kriv + Horse = Flying horse

[insert full story here]


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