Princes of the Apocalypse Part 26


Welcome back readers,

We have a continuation of the town encounters. This is mostly my fault as I wasn’t able to guide the players to the next quest. It wasn’t about being prepared or anything like that but I think it was my inability to make the quest more urgent or more exciting. The quest I was trying to send them to be trying to send them to the tower of Air to start off their adventure in the book of Princes of the Apocalypse. But of course the crew just wanted to do whatever they wanted to do. Random.

Anyway the crew continued to encounter random things in town. At least there was no shopping this time around. The antics in this session mostly involved Rock who was “trying” to protect various people. Adran making an attempt at attuning the cloak, curing the bear, more panthers, commotion at the brothel and a battle of the crafters.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Tavern meeting
  2. 1 hour later
  3. Warlock enters town
  4. Rock + Fire hammer = holes
  5. Holes (Warlock?)
  6. Attuning the cloak
  7. More panthers
  8. Quest complete?
  9. To the Red light district
  10. Brothel chaos!!!
  11. Cultists here?
  12. I want information
  13. Information costs money
  14. Nibbles vs Fire “Possessed” Dwarven smiths

[insert full story here]


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