Princes of the Apocalypse Part 25


Welcome back my eager readers,

Sorry for the delay but my area has been having a lot more internet service problems so upload has been rather slow. I have more ready to send but we’ll just have to wait.

Anyway in this session, one of my players really wanted to get a panther beast companion, since she was playing a ranger. So I devised a plan for the group to save some panthers being harassed by some monsters. Now it seems as though I was trying to push yet another side quest that would have linked to the main but unfortunately the crew (for the most part) ignored the creature’s plea.

There was more shopping in this session as well as a new addition to the team. A Rogue. By the name of Luna. There wasn’t much in terms of action but the session was still very interesting. At least I thought it was anyway.

The rest of the group were either shopping or harassing the “simple” townsfolk for freebees and information. Some quests being completed.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Greenboot + Shepherd = Exp
  2. No one linked the info
  3. A puzzle in the tavern
  4. Who is the spy?
  5. Accusing the wrong person
  6. Letting the culprit go?
  7. The return of the Naked
  8. To the stables
  9. Hey, isn’t that Lothram?
  10. Why are you naked?
  11. Getting some clothes
  12. Getting bedded and paid for it
  13. Rock go farm
  14. Rock Protect Farm
  15. Panthers
  16. I. Speak. Panther.
  17. The night chase
  18. Helping the animals?
  19. Let’s do some more shopping?
  20. Avoid Rat
  21. Don’t anger Nibbles

[insert full story here]


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