Princes of the Apocalypse Part 24


Welcome back my eager readers,

In this week’s session Gevuaden was unable to play due to exams or maybe it was work or just his schedule. But this week the team still had an interesting session involving an airship, a variety of quirky characters and the return to the Town of Red Larch.

To be honest I didn’t want them to return to Red Larch again as it would just be the players trying to restock supplies and hassle the townsfolk for information they don’t even have. I had given the players clear leads to their next adventure but they just like to hoard and camp at the same place. But I still tried to make the town encounters fun. The crew returns to town to reap the rewards of completing their mission even though it was pretty much just half assed effort. They all had talking roles to play and no combat whatsoever. I needed to promote the concept of joining a guild or a faction to give them some good benefits but of course they thought it was not worth it.

On another note I had various characters also encounter “NEWS” of what such powerful characters were doing in the world of this game. An Elven Wizard named Talos had joined up with a certain airship crew to stop the threat of fiery monsters of a certain kingdom. They were given this information to give them the hint that the world was ending soon. Or if the players just wanted to kill random things the enemies would be much more difficult to deal with in the “book’s temples”. Only one player got the hint but she was ignored as the parties’ avarice got the better of them.

I also made certain connections to other NPCs to guide the players on the importance of the campaign and where it will lead them. But it just didn’t click with them and they were more engrossed with getting “POWERFUL” new items.


Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Ship Encounters
  2. Medic room
  3. Serenading Dwarf
  4. Goblin Scout
  5. The Captain’s News
  6. Talos is who?
  7. Town Encounters
  8. Nibbles
  9. Reed is promoted
  10. Nibbles is who?
  11. The stables
  12. Isn’t that Gevuaden’s Wolf?
  13. Shopping session

[insert full story here]


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