Princes of the Apocalypse Part 23


Greetings my eager readers,

In this session was the continuation of the fight from the last session, it was the fight that I thought would only take one session. But now I know my group is pretty normal. I foolishly tried to force them to flee or retreat but that was my mistake. I know this now. I gave them 2 options this session, though these options were somewhat subtly hinted but they were to fight to the death or make a run for it. I made sure that escape was indeed impossible as their enemy were 3 highly intelligent enemies. And simple tricks weren’t going to work here. I had every player use their skills during combat to check for ways to escape. Since many of them were so badly injured that a single attack from these drow was going to be deadly.

The players still fighting were Rock, Felix (though it was more 50/50), Lothram (who had 20 hp left after being healed 3 times), Gevuaden (who was on his last legs), and Adran who was out of bigger spells. Grizilla and Reed were just using what help they could provide with skills and potions (as Grizilla was also out of healing spells and support magic). I also had a new player get introduced to the game but it was just a one-time thing for her. She played a Ranger as well.

So as the battled continued the crew started noticing that by dragging out this fight the harder it was for them to come out of this situation alive. So Adran too stopped fighting and started to look for a way out. So with a bit of tweaking during the session as I think I made the DC a little too unreasonable for them to succeed I allowed them to find a portal out of there.

During the escape, I kept saying things like “Who’s jumping in?” or “30 seconds left” and a certain count down. This was a time challenge. But I think I still need to work on this myself as it just felt a little off. This is where some escaped and rewarded but the others were “specially treated”.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Drow fight Ends?!
  2. What!!! There’s more?
  3. Escape Time? Right?
  4. Up is not the way
  5. Down is a no go
  6. Doors = More Drow
  7. I found some levers
  8. Left = gold treasure
  9. Right = Valuable art treasure
  10. Middle = Portal
  11. Let’s go!!!!! NOW!
  12. Time out = Bear skin + loss of gear + humiliation
  13. Naked people + Skinless bear = Open Field
  14. A flying bathtub?

[insert full story here]


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