Princes of the Apocalypse Part 22


Welcome back my eager readers,

In this session the group continued their adventures an the bandit stronghold side quest. Here they met up with a Gnome Ranger by the name of Felix. Had a few more battles with harpies, drow and portals. At this point of the game where they were all just trying to kill as many bandits as they could but forgot about their true purpose of “Rescuing” a shepherd or any other creature.

Yes, these guys actually forgot about the dragon as well.

So I forced their hand if any of them failed any kind of stealth roll or ability check. Especially Deception checks as none of them even tried to disguise themselves as bandit before their supposed ambush.

It was the typical, gung-ho attitude and tried to improvise all their actions. I fine with that as I expected a bit more but then again, none of my players are me.

Anyway, since I wanted to have drow as one of the bigger bad guys for this campaign I had them customized as CR 17 creatures. It made it that even if they had fought with this monsters the players were going to lose and drow being notorious for having slaves I made it so that defeated heroes were more shamed by having their gear taken but their lives humiliated. So death was not an option.

I had intended to go all out but my rolls that night were more atrocious than normal.


So here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Harpies Again?
  2. Gnome Appearance
  3. Exposition time
  4. Time to teleport?
  5. Where are we!
  6. What are Drow?
  7. Time to Ambush
  8. Fireball + Lightning = …
  9. Stay away from the door
  10. How did we get ambushed?
  11. I thought this was a bandit hideout
  12. Sigh of relief = I hope that was all of them
  13. Ambush time number 2

[insert full story here]


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