Princes of the Apocalypse Part 21


Welcome back my curious readers,

In this week’s session the party had to rest for the long journey back to Red Larch as well as to escape with their lives and kill all of the bandits. But they had forgotten their main purpose for venturing to the bandit stronghold and that was to find and rescue the Shepherd for a Master Greenboot.

Man, they were all ready to leave once they had rested and were even ready to just blow the whole place sky high when Grizilla had pointed out that they needed to rescue the shepherd. So as a distraction there was another bar fight while the others looked for the missing shepherd. Now who do you think was the person to look for the missing shepherd? Lothram? Adran? Maybe Grizilla or was it Gevuaden? No it was Rock of all people.

He also managed to find a key link to the rest of the campaign but they were timed kind of late and the Knights of the realm or the “Delegation” were now investigating something else. I had setup several traps in that prison but the one that went was only one player and I didn’t want the mission to fail if that player died. Not only that but at this point many of my players were now only exploring the side quests of side quests rather than the main story of the Princes of the Apocalypse.

So at this point I had to drop a lot of the story related items, clues and other NPCs to guide the players. I had instead used their motivation to start seeing the error of their ways by making the threat of the Elemental Princes more visible.

Subtly, is tough to pull off when the spicy is tastier than the meat.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Rest time
  2. Bar fight
  3. Arguing about what to do next
  4. Rescue prisoners
  5. Harpies are go
  6. Improvised bombs. 5 min bombs.
  7. Explosions???

[insert full story here]


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