Princes of the Apocalypse Part 20


Welcome back my readers,

In this session the crew managed to traverse the bandit’s main hall to travel to the dragon hatchery. Their newly made friend Magnus had made a deal with the team to free the other wyrmlings from their captors. But as Magnus was to teleport them directly to the location Lothram’s bronze dragons had stopped him. Unknowingly so. With the aid of Magnus’ Seeming spell they were able to reach the area.

And of course chaos ensued. Dusty mushroom hallucinations, drinking half “finished” potions. Stealing notes from the laboratory, harassing the staff of the lab and not looking for switches. What is up with that? I know everyone wants to thinks outside the box but looking is pretty simple right? There was also dragon water chambers, like those science fiction healing/cloning tanks. Odd looking moulds and collecting other oddities.

I thought this session was going to be quick as most of them no longer had bag space but apparently not. Looting is an adventurers’ right.

So here is the short summary of the session:

  1. The deal
  2. The magic!!! Failed?
  3. Kill the dragons?
  4. Just knock them unconscious.
  5. Wait I have a sleep spell?
  6. Seeming spell
  7. As inconspicuous as a bandit
  8. To the hatchery
  9. Traps. Why am I upside-down?
  10. This is the hatchery?
  11. It’s only one goblin
  12. I’ll check this room
  13. Woah, such pretty colours…
  14. Lock the door
  15. Take whatever is not nailed to the ground!!!!
  16. Save the dragons
  17. Iron Bars
  18. Break the bars
  19. Oh’ there’s a switch
  20. Mould?
  21. Back to Magnus
  22. With dragons?
  23. Arcana Teleportus

[insert full story here]


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