Princes of the Apocalypse Part 19


Welcome back readers,

In this session my crew had an encounter with the dragon they were quested to kill. But there was a hidden twist to the condition of the beast. On another note my players had a very interesting encounter with travelling a bridge that was mostly in disrepair. It was 500ft of bridge.

The encounter with the dragon was meant to be a quick kill or a long investigation. Well for my session it was neither of those. It was kind of a combination of both. The also managed to enter the centre of the bandit stronghold and get some info, cause havoc and a bar fight.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Rock shouldn’t have gone first?
  2. The long journey
  3. Someone stop Rock breaking the bridge
  4. “We” can’t see
  5. Who can’t see?
  6. Lots of HOLES
  7. Catch up to Rock
  8. The other side
  9. Passage to the left
  10. Door to the right
  11. Rock chose Door
  12. Following Rock
  13. Attack? The Evil Dragon
  14. Not a Black Dragon?
  15. What is in the passage way?
  16. A Bar!!
  17. Only 1000 Bandits
  18. Hey is that an arena?
  19. Place your bets!!!
  20. No Reed that not the guy
  21. Sooo many levels
  22. Let’s scout ahead!?
  23. Hey Rock, Are you scouting too?
  24. The Dragon speaks??? Magnus, huh?

[Insert full story here]


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