Princes of the Apocalypse Part 18


Welcome back my readers,

In this week’s session, the group is split up into two group where the very impatient have charged in and the critically injured stay back and rest. So the teams are as follows. In this session there wasn’t really anything to comment on. It was just a combat session. So aside from the short summary list below there was just nothing else to talk about.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…

Here is the short summary for the session:

Team A = Gevuaden, Lothram, a new player aka Reed and the unstoppable but annoyingly persistent Rock

Team B = Grizilla, Adran and the short return of Randal

Team A

  1. New Employee
  2. Explosions
  3. Wolf + Hunter = My Bad
  4. The Bridge?
  5. Sudden Turncoat? (Bucket)
  6. Ballista? Javelin of light again!!!
  7. Wolf + Hunter = Really sorry, My Bad Again
  8. Blinded by the light! Harpies!?

Team B

  1. 1st hour killings
  2. 2nd hour killings
  3. 3rd hour death?
  4. The Prayer
  5. The Potion?
  6. More Mediation?
  7. Time to catch up.

[Insert full story here]


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