Princes of the Apocalypse Part 17


Welcome back my eager readers,

This week’s session Adran could not make it but we got a new player to “somewhat” replace him. So in terms of story dynamics they were “transported” or swapped through magic. And due to the situation last week I had only mentioned 4 out of the 6 crystals. A new danger to the party. Invisible enemies. Transformation fusion. Air Elemental. Vanishing treasures. And of course Rock antics.

There is not much to rant about as this was a team combat encounter. But all of you should beware of cursed items. My version of what is a curse is not all too conventional. Like the Javelin of Light. Doesn’t sound cursed does it. But this particular item flashes its user and its surroundings with blinding light. And to avoid this effect each player (within 100ft of the wielder) must fail a Perception check of 15 and higher or is blinded for 1 hour. That’s right FAIL. It’s a twist to the rules.

So thematically the character was just too distracted with something else to notice the blinding light.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Arcana teleporta
  2. Dead end?
  3. Why is there 6 crystals?
  4. A strange mist/smoke
  5. Air elemental? Where? I can’t see it!!
  6. Invisible Stalker
  7. Rock, Smash!!!!!
  8. More Stalkers
  9. Stalkerssssss, Ha! Giant Air Elemental
  10. Only 1 dagger?
  11. Blinded by the light!!
  12. “We” need rest?
  13. We? Explore…
  14. Two Doors? Maybe its trapped!
  15. Fire melts Ice

[Insert full story here]


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