Princes of the Apocalypse Part 16


Welcome back my readers,

This week the team encountered more treasures and monsters. There was a bit of drama (well more like greed and impatience from one player) about the usage of the Magic Lamp. The Lady Grizilla swimming for some diamonds. Lothram finding and conversing with dragons. More Beholders. More strange encounters and Magical barriers. This was a pretty chaotic session with looting and fighting and “husband and wife” fighting/petty squabbles all at once.

So in short the party were figuratively split in two encounters. One group were looting the room for all its worth and Rock running into action.

And once the team was “done” with looting they cautiously snuck into combat with Rock. There was more looting but at some point I had to restrict their “capacity” to loot. So my players started looting more effectively. Only taking the more valuable things rather than every copper piece and shard of gem in the treasure pit.

By the way, the so called treasure pits dimensions were 15ft by 30ft by 100ft. It’s like Scrooge McDucks’ money bin. The treasure rooms all had similar treasure pits. And in that bandit stronghold there were 6 of them.

So, back to my rant, the team was literally fully loaded with treasure (130% loaded). After that Rock was in need of healing and Lothram was now the one to scout ahead, which he was able to find a Bronze wyrmling guarding the next room. So he had a chat. The next room was another treasure pit but the difference was that there were only 5 items within.


Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Rock charges in
  2. Grizilla loots for diamonds
  3. Adran awakes alone and without the “Lamp” but with a note
  4. Adran and Gevauden argue about the contract concerning the Magical Lamp
  5. Lothram finds a bronze wyrmling. “Father” is prisoner?
  6. Another beholder
  7. More treasure
  8. 2 more dragonlings
  9. Crystals? In the treasure pit? They glow!!
  10. 3 more dragons
  11. 4 floating crystals + 1 magical barrier
  12. 5 weapons within
  13. Hidden dangers…

[Insert full story here]


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