Princes of the Apocalypse Part 14


Welcome back readers,

In this session only Rock had returned from his absence. Lothram and Grizilla were still unavailable but were very eager to return if it was not due to work.

In this session Gevauden and Adran were now exploring the Minotaur’s maze entrance as there were many clues I had placed there to aid them in traversing the monster infested place. Though Gevauden was more eager to just rush in Adran took on the more patience approach and study the statues. But studying can only get you so far.

With many monsters and puzzles to overcome they both manage to reach the treasure the minotaurs were guarding. A Lamp.

On the other hand Rock was not with them and was just hunting down bandits and helping some mining dwarves. Explosives and destruction ensued and the three of the adventurers were finally able to meet.

Here is a short summary of what happened.

Adran & Gevauden

  1. Traversing the Maze
  2. More Minotaurs
  3. Maze Traps and Riddles
  4. Magic Lamp
  5. Tainted Maze
  6. The hammer of God (Helm’s Hammer)
  7. Wishes!!!???


  1. Searching for Bandits
  2. Dwarves need help
  3. Ropes?
  4. Bandit + Booom
  5. To the Mines
  6. Am I being hunted?
  7. Minotaur Maze


  1. Quick Exit


[insert full story here]


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