Princes of the Apocalypse Part 13


Welcome back readers,

I know its been a long time since the last entry but it can’t be helped. I had no net for 10 days last week and a month ago had no net for 6 days. So in this session I had 2 players out of 5 as Lothram and Grizilla were still sick and Rock went on holiday or maybe it was a business trip.

This was around September of 2016, and with the success of the Halloween special the number of players that wanted to play was 9. I could have still handled it but it would be awkward as it would be run at the same time but two different sessions. So the player playing Randal decided it was best to run the other group as a DM.

Here my players Adran and Gevauden had been roaming around in the dark cavern to find the way to the bandit’s lair. They had encountered strange runes on the rock walls and pillars but most of them were misleading.

Here is a short summary of what happened.

1- Chasing the sentry

2- Ambush 1 > Investigation of strange runes

3- Ambush 2 > Fireballs go BOOM

4- Drow?

5- Dwarves’ need help. Mining is hard

6- More exploring > There is a pattern to the runes

7- Minotaur Maze


[Insert full story here]


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