My Adventures – Danna Fingers’ Back Story


This is my second character but it was the one that survived the longest and was the most annoying (by what the DM kept tell me).

Halfling thief – background


My story has been tragic all my life.

First of all my mother died giving birth to me.

Second was when my father decided to remarry to a horrible bitch of a woman. She always treated me like I was her slave because I was the imperfect child compared to her own.

Third was when my step-mother sold me off as a slave to pay for my father’s gambling debts. I never hated my father for his choices in life because I learned plenty of tricks from him. The most joyful I have ever remembered my father being after my mother dying was when he would share his skills of deception with me. As a child I found these tricks amazing and exciting but now I really know what they are really used for.

Forth was when the slave traders sold me off to a nasty guild of thieves. Being a Halfling I learnt that brunt strength was not my speciality. But stealth, sleight of hand and speed were my strength. I was forced to do many horrible things but there is one thing that I learned while being a slave and that was to escape this terrible life. The only person I have every trusted was my father. I have not seen him in many years. But there was one saying my father had told me that has kept me through this and it is.

“Danna my boy, there are many things in this world but only one thing that holds it all together. That one thing is… MONEY. With it, your life can give you all of your desires. Remember that, MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND”


My journey begins when I freed myself from my bonds of slavery. “But from here on out I need to find me some money… hmmm where should I start?”


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