Princes of the Apocolypse Part 10


In this session the crew joins up with each other after a while being prone to being soloists. Adran and Gevuaden finally make it out of the bandit camp with information rather than completing the quest. Since 2 vs 1000 did not have a good success rate. The team battling the manticore had succeeded in capturing their quarry were at first salvaging eggs of the beasts then running for their lives towards the camp.

By the way, in terms of time in game last session was a new day and by the end of that session it had only been 1 hour. By the time they had finished with their hunt of manticore only 20 minutes had past. So it was still breakfast time. When Adran and Gevuaden arrived only 3 minutes after Rock’s team returned.

Team A

  • Rock level 4 fighter
  • Randal level 4 ranger
  • Lothram level 3 ranger
  • Grizilla level 3 cleric

Team B

  • Gevuaden level 4 witch hunter
  • Adran level 4 wizard


  • Handee, halfling forester
  • Daemon, tiefling wizard, Ship’s Captain
  • Lillianna, wood elf alchemist, Navigator
  • Flint, mountain dwarf bard, Cook
  • Kriv, goblin scout, Engineer
  • Fredrick, human rogue, Lookout

Pets/Animal Companions

  • Scratches, bear companion of Lothram
  • Wolfy, dire wolf – purchased by Gevuaden but follows Rock
  • Daramar, Saber toothed tiger
  • Aggie, horse of Grizilla


Here is the short summary:

Team A

1- The small one captured

2- Meet you back in camp ~ Fredrick

3- Maybe we can get scrambled eggs?

4- More Manticore

5- The chase

6- Returning to camp


Team B

1- Find the exit/entrance?

2- Halfling will guide us

3- Back to the Valley

4- Handee is Handy

5- Meeting with the crew


The whole crew (this is the fight with the remaining manticore after the chase as well as the return of Team B)

1- Fighting 1 more manticore

2- Caging complete

3- Breakfast time + reward time

4- Information is important

5- Time to start the Mission

6- Just 4 hours… Please!!?


Full story is being written…


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