My Colletion of Board Games

This post will contain all of my board games in my collection. Yes I own all of them. This is just a list but it is also a list to help me remember what games I have ranted about.

Here is my boardgame list:

  1. Machi Koro
  2. Jamaica
  3. Glass Road
  4. Dungeon!
  5. Power Grid
  6. Krosmasters Arena
  7. Smash Up
  8. The Hobbit
  9. Talisman
  10. Penny Arcade
  11. Alchemists
  12. My Village
  13. Quarriors
  14. TNMT Dice Masters
  15. Pixel Lincoln
  16. Miskatonic: School for Girls
  17. The Last Banquet
  18. Concept
  19. Castle Panic
  20. Blood Bowl: Team Manager
  21. Sheriff of Nottingham
  22. Infinity City
  23. Courtier
  24. Ascension
  25. Naruto Shippuden: Deck Builder
  26. Teen Titans DC: Deck Builder
  27. Nightfall
  28. Eminent Domain
  29. Thunderstone
  30. Marvel Legendary – Blog made
  31. Kings of Air and Steam
  32. Finca
  33. Splendor
  34. Settlers of Catan – Blog made
  35. Agricola
  36. Xia: Legends of a Drift System – Blog made
  37. Lord of Waterdeep
  38. Elder Sign
  39. Rune Age
  40. Guild Hall
  41. Imperial Settlers
  42. Elemental Evil: Dungeons and Dragons
  43. Surburbia
  44. Epic PVP
  45. Hegemonic
  46. Progress
  47. Volt
  48. Castles of Mad King Lugwig
  49. Money
  50. Cave Troll
  51. Alchemist
  52. Say Anything
  53. Nuns on the Run
  54. Dice City
  55. Battleships Galaxies
  56. Mage Wars
  57. Eclipse
  58. Time Looper
  59. Drakon
  60. Kingdoms
  61. Coal Baron
  62. Lupin the 3rd
  63. Alien Frontiers
  64. Planet Steam
  65. Dungeon Run
  66. Relic Runners
  67. Small World
  68. Tokaido
  69. Colosseum
  70. Space Pirates
  71. Dice Town
  72. The Adventurers
  73. Island Fortress
  74. Megaman
  75. Wrath of Dragons
  76. The Witcher
  77. Tales of Arabian Nights – Blog made
  78. Caverna
  79. Dungeon Command
  80. World of Warcraft
  81. Mag-Blast
  82. Munchkin
  83. Chaos Marauders
  84. Timeline
  85. Epic: Card Game
  86. Final War
  87. Summoner War
  88. Star Realms
  89. Hero Realms
  90. Nuts
  91. Tanto Cuore: Maid Deck Builder
  92. Shadows of Brimstone
  93. Sword of Samurai
  94. Once upon a time
  95. Flux
  96. Carcassonne
  97. Alchemist Academy
  98. Ticket to Ride
  99. Mistfall
  100. Boss Monster
  101. Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing
  102. Dungeon Fighter
  103. Dominion
  104. Street Fighter Deck Builder
  105. Mundus Novus
  106. Confusion

The games listed above are all base or core games. I won’t add the expansion as the list would go on and on.

For Example:

Marvel Legendary has about 6 different expansions to it and I’m still missing Secret Wars 1 & 2 as well as the Deadpool Expansion.

Or Dominion has 9 expansion that I have. All of them. I only regret buying one of them but I’ll post that in the blog. As well as my reasons of regret.

This list will help me remember what games I still need to write about.


Sorry but nothing exciting here…




Aiding Farmers’ of Red Larch – One Shot

Red Larch

Welcome Readers,

In this one shot session I guide 5 adventurers to the town of Red Larch and have them encounter the town as well as the game of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

For the sake of player name, I will refer to them as the classes of their characters. I placed them in the starting point in hopes they would join the rest of the crew. But that wasn’t the case. I had a plan to do this as well but with the group somewhat mixed in terms of levels of experience as well as knowledge of the game it was not really probable. So I needed to make a decision of either starting again with the whole team back in Red Larch or just run them at the same time. I ran them at the same time. It was crazy. But by the end of this session, one of my players decided it was best to just run a different session altogether. With him as a DM of that group.

This group was mostly full of young teens that wanted nothing more than to destroy and cause chaos for the world of d&d. Starting with Red Larch. But unbeknowst to them I was experienced enough as a DM to react to their crazy requests like robbing townsfolk or killing other player characters, just to act some pented up frustration they had with them for the course of the day or trying to act like adults in a world of fantasy. As weird as their requests were I was more shocked that they were so tame. Maybe I’m just that messed up.

The other players was an older player returning to the game and all of his action were somewhat bland but appropriate, like heading to a tavern and casually taking his time like it was real life. The last player was still very new to this game and she was very engaged with acting her character and learning about the world.

Player Characters

  • Level 1 Gnome Ranger – Beginner level
  • Level 1 Wood Elf Druid – Beginner level
  • Level 1 Human Rogue – Beginner level
  • Level 1 Half-Orc Figher – Beginner level
  • Level 1 Human Fighter – Advanced level


Here is what happened to them in this session:

1- Entering Red Larch

2- The Rogue is searched & stolen from & zapped

3- The Druid is shunned by the stablemaster

4- Druids can indeed heal

5- Fighter enters the tavern + casual ale + having a chat

6- Fighter gets a quest = Help the farmers

7- Ranger enters the Three Brothers shop

8- Half-Orc joins the Druid and Rogue

9- Ranger recruits allies

10 – Adventurer’s arrive at the farm

11- Scaring those poor farmers

12- An Ambush!!


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Princes of the Apocolypse Part 12


Welcome back readers, in this session the crew was missing Gevuaden, Lothram and Grizilla. Gevuaden’s player had Uni exams. While Lothram and Grizilla were still sick. But in terms of the story, the remaining team managed to cross the secret tunnel avoid the traps and hunt down some retreating bandits through the cavern.

Also, this session was hectic for me as I was running 2 different games of D&D at the same time. I will write that story in a different post. So the table had 8 players.

3 players were from the regular session (Adran, Randal and Rock). They were experienced players so waiting wasn’t a problem.

The other 5 were very new to the game. One of them had played other roleplaying games and had hosted his own sessions but from my experience with playing in his session it was combat oriented regardless of edition or game format. 3 of them were young teens so that was different. The name of the Session will be called [Aiding Farmers’ of Red Larch?]

Anyway, in this session of Princes of the Apocalypses. The crew struggled to understand that none of them were equiped with dealing with traps as none of them were rogues or had a set of Thieves’ tools. Magic could be used but Adran was very mindful of the DM? as he thought I would be trying to kill the party. Or TPK (Total Party Kill). I never liked the idea of killing the players just for the sake of killing. I wanted them to journey through the story and struggle… I mean overcome the trials I placed in front of them. So that it would be a memoriable time.

Instead of the standard, Talk to NPC = Fight monsters, then fight boss scenerio. I have played far too many times. If you’d survive you would get a reward but if you failed you died. Failing shouldn’t kill your character (maybe in a fight).


  • Randal Level 5 Ranger
  • Rock Level 5 Fighter
  • Adran Level 4 Wizard

Here is the short summary of the session:

1- Randal leaves notes

2- Rock leaves notes on valley stones and walls

3- All characters enter the tunnel

4- Traps?

5- Avoiding and Dodging

6- Checking for traps!!!

7- Eavesdropping on bandits

8- Get ’em (The chase)

9- Passages + Rock = Blocked


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Princes of the Apocolypse Part 11


Welcome back my readers, I know the readers of this campaign blog have all probably stopped coming back when I stopped writing them but that’s ok. This part of the story was run on the 28/8/2016 and I have had many unfortunate events happen to me during that time to this day (of 23/6/2017).

But enough of that, in this part of the story the crew have just returned to camp and dealt with the manticore they had been plaguing. Here I had to run the session in 1 hour turns as one of the characters wanted to rest after his ordeal in the bandit camp (or Stronghold due to the size of it). The reason for that was to attune a near legendary item he had acquired. It was Very Rare of rarity in terms of items in the Dungeon Masters guide. So I had the player meditate for 8 hours straight, without interruptions or would have to start again. It seems easy right? But since the rest of his team were raring to go and dispatch the bandits thinking there would be only about 50 or so, were very impatient.

After 4 hours though the crew head over to the bandit camp with Adran and Gevuaden as a guide. But misfortune follows them with every turn as it seems they are lost in the valley. The cause? Well that was the work of Handee the sneaky halfling. After they get themselves out of Handee’s maze. The crew must defeat him to proceed. But that wasn’t the only explosion waiting for the crew.

At this point of the adventure, I only had 4 of my regular players as the two playing Lothram and Grizilla were sick. I needed to at least stall the session as these players did not have enough information about the mission to proceed. I gave them 4 hours (turns) to get that information while Adran was resting but none of them even tried. Gevuaden just waited with Adran and ignored the potential of getting to know the NPCs or at least milk them for information. But that didn’t happen. Randal was more interested in action. And Rock was well Rock. So I made all of them have encounters with Handee (who had cast a Mass Suggestion spell on all of them) and Kriv to sort of use subtle hints to talk to the NPCs but that didn’t work. So I made them get lost in the valley. Only Adran voiced his concerns after the 3rd hour of meeting the halfling on the boulder. That something was up. I had them get lost as an obstacle instead of yet another fight. But it was very hard for them to overcome for some reason. It was a Suggestion spell combined with Hallucinatory Terrain and I would have thought the first reaction would be to attack the annoying halfling but I guessed not.



  • Randal Level 5 Ranger
  • Rock Level 5 Fighter
  • Adran level 4 Wizard
  • Gevuaden Level 4 Witch Hunter



  • Handee, the halfing
  • Kriv, the goblin Scout


So here is the short summary of what happened:

During the 4 hours of meditation

1st Hour

  • Adran being harrassed by Kriv and Handee (curious to what the wizard was doing) but Adran ignores them
  • Randal starts to learn Draconic with Lothram through studying
  • Rock gets bored and prays to a random god. Fire stack + War dance.
  • Gevuaden removes the two harrassing NPCs and ties them to a burnt out tree stump.

2nd Hour

  • Randal continues to study draconic
  • Adran continues to meditate
  • Kriv escapes from the tree
  • Rock continues his war dance
  • Gevuaden chases Kriv as a result, Kriv crashes into Adran and distrupts his meditation

3rd Hour

  • Randal continues to study draconic
  • Adran sighs… tries to rest for the remainder of the 2 hours
  • Kriv releases Handee
  • Gevuaden observes Rock
  • Rock riles the gods by building another Fire stack and more dancing

4th Hour

  • Randal continues to study draconic
  • Adran gets frustrated and blasts Gevuaden with a Firebolt spell
  • Rock’s prayer is answered by Talos god of storms with a Longsword of storms (Legendary rarity)
  • Rock fails to impress Talos and loses his right picky finger. In his frustration kicks the halfling wandering about into the valley

Journey to the bandit camp

1- Randal tells Lothram where he is going

2- Preparations semi-complete?

3- Following Adran and Gevuaden

4- Meeting Handee sitting on a boulder

5- Ignore Handee

6- 1 Hour later > Meeting Handee again?

7- Rock charges to attack = Hole (600ft drop) + underwater spring?

8- Avoid the Halfling

9- Later in 1 hour > Meeting Handee once more !!!!!!!

10- Adran breaks out

11- Adran leads the team = fighting Handee + 3 chests? (They were bombs)

12- Secret entrance + treasure chest [=p]


Full story

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Princes of the Apocolypse Part 10


In this session the crew joins up with each other after a while being prone to being soloists. Adran and Gevuaden finally make it out of the bandit camp with information rather than completing the quest. Since 2 vs 1000 did not have a good success rate. The team battling the manticore had succeeded in capturing their quarry were at first salvaging eggs of the beasts then running for their lives towards the camp.

By the way, in terms of time in game last session was a new day and by the end of that session it had only been 1 hour. By the time they had finished with their hunt of manticore only 20 minutes had past. So it was still breakfast time. When Adran and Gevuaden arrived only 3 minutes after Rock’s team returned.

Team A

  • Rock level 4 fighter
  • Randal level 4 ranger
  • Lothram level 3 ranger
  • Grizilla level 3 cleric

Team B

  • Gevuaden level 4 witch hunter
  • Adran level 4 wizard


  • Handee,¬†halfling forester
  • Daemon, tiefling wizard, Ship’s Captain
  • Lillianna, wood elf alchemist, Navigator
  • Flint, mountain dwarf bard, Cook
  • Kriv, goblin scout, Engineer
  • Fredrick, human rogue, Lookout

Pets/Animal Companions

  • Scratches, bear companion of Lothram
  • Wolfy, dire wolf – purchased by Gevuaden but follows Rock
  • Daramar, Saber toothed tiger
  • Aggie, horse of Grizilla


Here is the short summary:

Team A

1- The small one captured

2- Meet you back in camp ~ Fredrick

3- Maybe we can get scrambled eggs?

4- More Manticore

5- The chase

6- Returning to camp


Team B

1- Find the exit/entrance?

2- Halfling will guide us

3- Back to the Valley

4- Handee is Handy

5- Meeting with the crew


The whole crew (this is the fight with the remaining manticore after the chase as well as the return of Team B)

1- Fighting 1 more manticore

2- Caging complete

3- Breakfast time + reward time

4- Information is important

5- Time to start the Mission

6- Just 4 hours… Please!!?


Full story is being written…