Princes of the Apocolypse Part 9


In this session the crew were still somewhat split up. Team A were with the members of the tiefling called Daemon. While Team B were being guided by halfling they had “acquired” towards the bandit camp. In my opinion, this part of the session took way too long. But then again when it comes to asking the “right” questions rather than the “appropriate” questions the crew tend to go with what their character wants. Like Lothram for instance, Lillianna was the first elf he had meet from his “kingdom” and rather then using subtle questions to ask her about what has happened to his land he just attacks her with scorn. I had assumed that even if I made some of my NPCs relate to the player’s background, I had thought that the questions about their current quest be more important then petty squabbles. Randal is another good example but I know the player well enough that he will not engage in talk and he prefers action. Rock was the strange one since he had explored the notation of gathering more information. Even thought the player playing it had made the character for brute strength.

Grizilla on the other hand used her skills to her advantage and gather more information on the surrounding area. Though her rolls were bad I had to relinquish some of the information I had written as clues for the party to gather.

Gevuaden and Adran were still journeying towards their goal and were trying to manipulate practically everything to avoid death.

Team A

  • Lothram level 3 ranger
  • Randal level 3 ranger
  • Rock level 4 fighter
  • Grizilla level 3 cleric

Team B

  • Adran level 3 wizard
  • Gevuaden level 3 witch hunter
  • Handee the halfling NPC guide


Team A

  1. Avoid the elf
  2. Grizilla talks to Greenboot
  3. Randal hunts with the dire wolf
  4. Rock helps Fredrick with manticore
  5. Lothram + Lillianna = Falling
  6. Where did Rock go?
  7. Quick breakfast
  8. Following Rock
  9. The small one is fine.
  10. It’s not just one in there!?

Team B

  1. Attunement?
  2. Safe path but 2 hours
  3. Manticore on the left
  4. Bandit ambush detected
  5. The bandit camp at last
  6. In cages
  7. The arena
  8. Information about the dragon
  9. Information about the shepherd
  10. Recon successful
  11. Need to inform others


Full story coming soon


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