Princes of the Apocolypse Part 6


Welcome back my readers, in this session the crew gain new members but half of the session was them shopping for some more gear? I was fine with it as I got more time to setup their encounters and some characters they might meet. Unfortunately they argued with Greenboot about secrets they had uncovered. I was mind blown at this development. They were the ones snooping around and now they thought they were in the right to accuse him of crimes against them. Or that it could have been a set up to kill the players.

Now don’t get me wrong but I had planned for them to quickly aid him and just keep their findings a secret to use a their trump card but they were all way too forward about the whole thing. This was on the verge of all my players starting to meta-game the situation. But fortunately that wasn’t the case. Due to the ranger Lothram and the other being cursed my players were all being extra, and I mean super extra cautious. It was really funny, now that I think about it but this made progressing the story a little harder.


Here is the short summary of the session.

  1. Rock bored?
  2. Enter Mage
  3. What are faerie dragons?
  4. More arguing with Greenboot
  5. The dwarven smith yet again
  6. Impressive mounts!!
  7. Finally leaving town
  8. The race
  9. The bird tribe (Hostile)
  10. Confrontation + Escape
  11. The bird tribe (Passive)
  12. Safe passage
  13. The mist
  14. Two heads + scorpion tail + dragon wings?
  15. Three hill giants?


Full story coming soon…


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