Princes of the Apocolypse Part 7


Welcome back readers, this session the guys continued their encounter with the hill giants. The team was – of course – split up in to two groups. One group consisted of 2x rangers + 1x cleric and 1x fighter. The other group consisted of a wizard, a warlock, a witch hunter and an owlbear mount. So it was a bit hard for me to progress the questing when both were headed in the same direction but just had different details of the quest. I had designed it so that even though they didn’t like each other as characters they would gain somewhat of a camaraderie. But it still now brings lots of conflict. Anyway the first team needed to deal with the hill giants, while the second needed to navigate the valley (without a ranger or map).

1st team

  • Lothram level 3 ranger
  • Randal level 3 ranger
  • Grizilla level 3 cleric
  • Rock level 4 fighter
  • 6x wild horses
  • dire wolf

2nd team

  • Apollo level 4 warlock
  • Gevauden level 3 witch hunter
  • Adran level 3 wizard
  • a horse
  • an owlbear

Both teams had simultaneous fights and encounters. Here is the short summary.

1st team

  1. Hills giants up ahead
  2. Communication broken
  3. Fight!
  4. Secure the horses
  5. Griffon in the air + 6x horse = Random Stampede
  6. Dire wolf on the plain
  7. The mists clear
  8. What did I just shoot?

2nd team

  1. The terrain of the Valley
  2. My owlbear senses are tingling
  3. Manticores? Can I tame it?
  4. Escape
  5. I knew this was a bad idea?
  6. Into the plains…
  7. Only one manticore left… wait why is there a werewolf?
  8. I think the goliath was more gentle?

Note: I ran this session in 3.5 hrs. That’s a normal session. It was funny and crazy at the same time.


Full story coming soon…


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