Princes of the Apocolypse Part 5


Welcome back readers, in this session the crew planned to leave Red Larch and go on a quest to earn more “loot”. But they again were distracted with the town’s shops. The other reason for staying in town was that they found out that their new employer was not what he seemed. They could not fully trust him for his hidden agendas. I hadn’t wanted the players to distrust the quest giver ~ who was very much distressed ~ but pity him for keeping secrets. I had planned for this particular NPC to become a powerful ally later on but with my player’s paranoia, that everything is out to kill them or that every quest is a fool’s errand or trap. I even made very quirky characters that would provide information and no one used them and just disregarded them altogether.

Anyway here is the short summary.

  1. The next morning
  2. Plan at the tavern
  3. Plan with the orges
  4. The ingredients
  5. The dwaven smith the third visit
  6. Contract with the flame cultist (dwarven smith)
  7. The stables
  8. Out to catch horses
  9. Meet master Greenboot
  10. Secrets?
  11. The Harpers?
  12. Attunement & Testing
  13. Back to the inn
  14. Are we leaving?


Full story coming soon…


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