Street Fighter – If you are playing this right you should be shouting at your friends


This game is a Deck Building game with the spirit of Street Fighter the Video game. Its theme is Capcom’s Street Fighter. The game itself is still in the spirit of building your deck and gains points. Anyway, I have played this game so many times since the time I first bought it as an impulse buy.

It said Street Fighter, I like Street Fighter. It said Deck Building on the box, and I like Deck Building games. My friend Caps was the one who showed me the game and I said is it any good? He didn’t know but I decided to buy it anyway. That was (at the time) their first copy of three in the store and also in the warehouse. After we skimmed the rules, and played it. It was all and all, fun. I got to play classic characters like Guile and Ryu but not Blanka who is my favourite when spamming the lightning attack.

But this was a Deck Builder just like all the others that had come out that year. So the mechanics of the game is everyone starts off with the same basic deck and builds up their decks with cards they purchase with the money (it’s called Power) they have that turn from either the common cards i.e. Kick and the Field area. The field area has 5 cards available each turn that are mostly different.

The types of cards that may appear in the field area are Super Powers, Villains, Heroes, and Equipment. They all have many different effects and are used in many different situations. Near the field area, there are location cards that give you special ongoing effects each turn once acquired. But of course, these locations have a much higher cost. Locations are very powerful cards as they enhance your deck farther by the effect it provides you. But to acquire one of them you will need to face the boss (an unused character’s attack) it will either penalise you or will do nothing, this attack can be defended as well so you get a sense of timing your cards.

Here are some examples of cards.


  • Juri = +2 Power, choose a foe. Attack: that foe discards a card. And it cost 2 power to buy.
  • Gill: +3 Power, choose a foe. Attack: that foe puts a Weakness (card) on top of his deck. Cost of 5.
  • Balrog: +2 Power, choose a foe. Attack: that foe discards a Punch (card) or gains a Weakness (card). Cost of 3.
  • Master of the Fist: +2 Power, choose a foe. Attack: That foe discards a card at random, and you have +Power equal to its cost. Cost of 6.
  • M. Bison: +3 Power and you may choose a foe. If you do, Attack: Put a card from your hand of discard pile into that foe’s discard pile. If they avoid this Attack, destroy that card instead. Cost of 7.
  • Sodom: +2 Power, you may put the top card of the main deck under your Super Hero. If it’s an Equipment, gain it instead. Cost of 5.
  • Sagat: +2 Power, you may destroy a card in your hand. If you do, +Power equal to its cost. Cost of 6.
  • Seth: Play the top two cards of the main deck, then return them in any order. Cost of 8.
  • Hugo: +2 Power, choose a foe. That foe cannot use a Defence card during your next Attack this turn. Cost of 3.

Super Powers:

  • Hundred hand slap: Reveal the top two cards of your deck and draw one of them. You may discard the other or leave it on top. Cost of 3.
  • Sonic Boom: You may destroy a card in your hand or discard pile. If you choose not to, +2 Power. Cost of 3.
  • Shinku Hadoken: +2 Power, when you are attacked, you may reveal this card from your hand. If you do, put a Weakness (card) on top of the attacker’s deck. Cost of 4.
  • Flying Barcelona: +5 Power if you have played two or more Villains this turn. Otherwise, +2 Power. Cost of 3.
  • Gohadoken: You may destroy a card in your hand or discard pile, and then draw a card. Cost of 4.
  • Galactic Tornado: +3 Power, when you are attacked, you may reveal this card. If you do, the attacker gains a Weakness (card). Cost of 6.
  • Psycho Crusher: +2 Power for each different non-Starter card type you play or have played this turn. Cost of 8.
  • Tiger Shot: +1 Power and draw a card. You may destroy a card in your hand. If you do, additional +3 Power. Cost of 6.
  • Hadoken: +4 Power. Cost of 6.


  • Cammy, Delta Red: +2 Power, if you defeat or have defeated a Super-Villain this turn, you may put a Location from your discard pile into play. Cost of 2.
  • Hot Blooded Sumo: +4 Power if you have drawn one or more cards this turn. Otherwise, +2 Power. Cost of 3.
  • Sakura: Draw a card. Defence: you may discard this card to avoid an Attack. If you do, draw a card. Cost of 3.
  • Mystic Yogi: Draw a card and play it twice. Cost of 4.
  • Ken Masters: +1 Power, you may destroy a card in your hand or discard pile for each other Hero you play or have played this turn. Cost of 4.
  • Red Cyclone: +2 Power, You may put a card in the Line-Up under your Super Hero, and then replace it. Cost of 5.
  • Fei Long, Hong Kong Action Hero: Draw a card for each different cost among even-costed cards you have already played this turn, including this one. (0 is even.) Cost of 6.
  • Jungle Warrior: +2 Power, at end of game, this card is worth 5 VPs if you have 5 or more different Super Powers in your deck. Cost of 5.
  • Soldier of Justice: Put two cards of the same card type and cost 7 or less from your discard pile into your hand. Cost of 6.
  • Tireless Wanderer: +4 Power, put all Punch cards from your discard pile into your hand. Cost of 8.


  • Balrog’s Gloves: +1 Power and choose a foe. Attack: that foe puts a Weakness (card) on top of his deck. Cost of 2.
  • Ryu’s Headband: If this is the first card you play this turn, discard your hand and draw four cards. Otherwise, put your deck into your discard pile. Cost of 2.
  • Sagat’s Eyepatch: +1 Power, you may destroy another card you have played this turn [its effects remain.]. Cost of 3.

Game 1 = Me Vs Caps (Fei Long Vs M. Bison)

In this game, the start was quite punishing. With all the cards costing a minimum of 6. But as soon as a removal card, it was a Gohadoken. Since we were both trying to get some of the 6 drops, we had plenty of Kicks and I was able to get the Gohadoken. But what came out was a Juri. Since I’m a very greedy player, I tended to go for more power card like Hadoken or anything with +3 power on it. My hero was Fei Long and when you play him you choose a number and your opponent discards all of that cost from their hand. Since it was a bad start and I knew Caps very well and that he would only goad me into thinking that he only had 3 drop cards. So instead of buying my Ultra card I just kept buying cards from the centre stack.

That was my biggest mistake. As caps started to buy his Ultra two turns after. And he only needs to call out a colour (card type). Blue (Hero), red (villain), orange (super), and grey (equipment ~ but no one ever picks it). Man I had so many red cards in my deck and hardly any defence cards to block his attacks. Also either I’m very unlucky or the game just hates me, but I never ever get to buy the cheaper cards. Juris or Cammys. But whenever I open the board Juris and Cammys always come out. (It’s so annoying…) Anyway, we finally had enough to start buying locations, but since I didn’t have any defence cards I would always get the Super Villain’s attack, like weakness cards or needing to re-buy a card.

Here is the most annoying part of this game though, whenever Caps would attack me I would have no defence cards. But whenever I had my defence cards in hand he would never attack me. Although when it was my turn to attack him he manages to defend every attack. With some occasions, the attack not really affecting him in the slightest. But there was a turn where he used 2x Juri to lure out my defences and then use his Ultra to reduce my hand to zero cards. Man that sucked ~ We also call that Time-walked or Time-stopped. It’s a magic term. I had perhaps skipped my turn 4 times because I had 4x Weakness cards in hand or because I had not enough power to buy one of the available cards.

But every time we passed our turns it was a good laugh. I may have lost a lung or two laughing so much from this game. We always warn each other not to drink anything when playing this game, because in this game in particular one of us laughed so much that the other was sprayed with whatever the other was drinking. And I have to say it was sticky. Not gonna say who got sprayed though.

So by the end of the game I won by 4 points. It was a close game too. But during the game I was frowning and laughing at the same time. It was weird. When I won I screamed it out, “YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS” main reason is Fei Fei is shit. His attack never triggers and I had to rely on his counter-attack which is ok =L.

In the next game with the three of us playing I did not win but the game was still very funny.

Game 2 = 3 player free for all. Caps Vs Me Vs Evil (Sagat Vs E. Honda Vs Zangief)

This game was very punishing, especially to me. I started the game and there was a lot of removal cards. Sonic boom, Sagat’s eye patch and even Gohadoken. I had a 3 power start so I got the Sonic boom. And since Evil got the worst start which was the 2 power start I also got the eye patch. Caps got the Gohadoken. But Evil still bought a Juri on the first turn.

I managed to remove 5 basic cards but turn 5. It was amazing, my deck was very streamlined. I got my Ultra somewhere in midgame. Like I said before I like to buy the really expensive cards first then buy the locations which have more points overall but the first location was the worst one in my opinion, Hong Kong. This location gets you equipment cards from the main deck for free but it never triggers.

Strangely enough this game it trigger 3x. Evil was the one who got the location and both me and Caps were perplexed. I got only one location in the entire game, Japan. You get hero cards for free from the main deck. There are 8 locations and Caps got 4 of them and Evil had two during the game and he was also the one who ended the game. (It should have been me *3*).

In this game we all had a lot of back and forth attacks. Most of the Balrogs were hitting me since I no longer had any punch cards. I had removed 15 basic cards from my deck. Yes, you might be thinking “Wait you only start with 10 basic cards 7x punch and 3x vulnerable” well my friend Evil, kept giving me his. With his Ultra. So I had to keep removing cards during the game.

Here is the worst memory of this game, it was Caps’ turn and he had his Ultra in hand with 2 removal cards ready to active. He used his gohadoken to remove 1 basic from his bin (discard pile) and drew a mystic yogi card. This now meant he could pull some BS by removing a lot of cards then attacking with his Ultra. I did not have a defence card since I used it the previous turn to block Evil’s attack. Caps managed to remove 6x cards some of which weren’t basics then attacked. Evil blocked it and I got 13x weakness cards. So we all laughed (I raged X~X) at the result of the attack.

So for most of the game I had to pass my turn, due the fact I had 3 – 5 weakness cards in hand. At times I would be attacked and gain more weakness cards. This was the game of many that we actually ran out of weakness cards. Most were in my deck and hand T_T.

The score was 69 vs 34 vs 93, Caps vs me vs Evil respectively. [sigh~~~] I was raped so to speak.


Princes of the Apocolypse Part 8


Welcome back readers, I know I’ve been posting more than before but here’s the thing. I have just gotten more time lately and now is the time to spam some short posts. I won’t be able to do this all the time and there is about 3 months’ worth of stuff I should have posted but problems keep me away from doing so.

Anyway in this session, Randal had just shot down something from the sky and strange objects started to fall down. Statues, furniture and crates. The rest of the crew needed to evade the debris while using their spare time arguing about who was evil or not. The teams were still split in two but most of the team were now with the rangers. While the witch hunter and wizard were still in the centre of the valley.

Now here’s the thing. Many DMs structure their encounters via the roll table. I set up my encounters present. I choose what they encounter beforehand. Now that might be the same as others but I have my player use their checks to see if they see the enemy/creature. If they do see it, it is their decision whether they fight, talk or run away from them. Sometimes I would design an encounter where they would meet dangerous creatures and just talk about a deal.

A good example of this is their encounter with the hill giants on the plains where there was very think mists. I had designed this encounter to be one to gather information. I know it’s insane but to be thematic of the terrain and of the party, this was a challenge for Rock to talk to them about the land or challenge them to another strength contest to get the same information. Or have the rangers’ investigate the reason for why the hill giants were so far from their home. I was trying to set up grounds for the players to explore. But of course a few failed critical rolls had them start a fight.

Team A

  • Randal level 4 ranger
  • Lothram level 3 ranger
  • Grizilla level 3 cleric
  • Rock level 4 fighter
  • Apollo level 4 warlock

Team B

  • Gevauden level 3 witch hunter
  • Adran level 3 wizard

So here is the short version of the story.

Team A

  1. A box?
  2. Stone pillars?
  3. Please aid me in finding my crew
  4. Daemon is polite
  5. Kriv is annoying
  6. We hate Lillianna
  7. Dwarven chef
  8. Where is Fredrick?
  9. The TUB?

Team B

  1. Time to heal
  2. Hey come back with ma stuff!!
  3. Halfling!
  4. A store in a cave?
  5. Worthy information
  6. Bird tribe for safety
  7. A guide?
  8. Returning to the bandit camp


I’m almost done with the Full version of Princes of the Apocalypse Part 3. So it might be a long while before you see the Full story of this. Sorry, my readers. I can only type as fast as my computer can process.

Full Story coming later…


Princes of the Apocolypse Part 7


Welcome back readers, this session the guys continued their encounter with the hill giants. The team was – of course – split up in to two groups. One group consisted of 2x rangers + 1x cleric and 1x fighter. The other group consisted of a wizard, a warlock, a witch hunter and an owlbear mount. So it was a bit hard for me to progress the questing when both were headed in the same direction but just had different details of the quest. I had designed it so that even though they didn’t like each other as characters they would gain somewhat of a camaraderie. But it still now brings lots of conflict. Anyway the first team needed to deal with the hill giants, while the second needed to navigate the valley (without a ranger or map).

1st team

  • Lothram level 3 ranger
  • Randal level 3 ranger
  • Grizilla level 3 cleric
  • Rock level 4 fighter
  • 6x wild horses
  • dire wolf

2nd team

  • Apollo level 4 warlock
  • Gevauden level 3 witch hunter
  • Adran level 3 wizard
  • a horse
  • an owlbear

Both teams had simultaneous fights and encounters. Here is the short summary.

1st team

  1. Hills giants up ahead
  2. Communication broken
  3. Fight!
  4. Secure the horses
  5. Griffon in the air + 6x horse = Random Stampede
  6. Dire wolf on the plain
  7. The mists clear
  8. What did I just shoot?

2nd team

  1. The terrain of the Valley
  2. My owlbear senses are tingling
  3. Manticores? Can I tame it?
  4. Escape
  5. I knew this was a bad idea?
  6. Into the plains…
  7. Only one manticore left… wait why is there a werewolf?
  8. I think the goliath was more gentle?

Note: I ran this session in 3.5 hrs. That’s a normal session. It was funny and crazy at the same time.


Full story coming soon…

Princes of the Apocolypse Part 6


Welcome back my readers, in this session the crew gain new members but half of the session was them shopping for some more gear? I was fine with it as I got more time to setup their encounters and some characters they might meet. Unfortunately they argued with Greenboot about secrets they had uncovered. I was mind blown at this development. They were the ones snooping around and now they thought they were in the right to accuse him of crimes against them. Or that it could have been a set up to kill the players.

Now don’t get me wrong but I had planned for them to quickly aid him and just keep their findings a secret to use a their trump card but they were all way too forward about the whole thing. This was on the verge of all my players starting to meta-game the situation. But fortunately that wasn’t the case. Due to the ranger Lothram and the other being cursed my players were all being extra, and I mean super extra cautious. It was really funny, now that I think about it but this made progressing the story a little harder.


Here is the short summary of the session.

  1. Rock bored?
  2. Enter Mage
  3. What are faerie dragons?
  4. More arguing with Greenboot
  5. The dwarven smith yet again
  6. Impressive mounts!!
  7. Finally leaving town
  8. The race
  9. The bird tribe (Hostile)
  10. Confrontation + Escape
  11. The bird tribe (Passive)
  12. Safe passage
  13. The mist
  14. Two heads + scorpion tail + dragon wings?
  15. Three hill giants?


Full story coming soon…

Princes of the Apocolypse Part 5


Welcome back readers, in this session the crew planned to leave Red Larch and go on a quest to earn more “loot”. But they again were distracted with the town’s shops. The other reason for staying in town was that they found out that their new employer was not what he seemed. They could not fully trust him for his hidden agendas. I hadn’t wanted the players to distrust the quest giver ~ who was very much distressed ~ but pity him for keeping secrets. I had planned for this particular NPC to become a powerful ally later on but with my player’s paranoia, that everything is out to kill them or that every quest is a fool’s errand or trap. I even made very quirky characters that would provide information and no one used them and just disregarded them altogether.

Anyway here is the short summary.

  1. The next morning
  2. Plan at the tavern
  3. Plan with the orges
  4. The ingredients
  5. The dwaven smith the third visit
  6. Contract with the flame cultist (dwarven smith)
  7. The stables
  8. Out to catch horses
  9. Meet master Greenboot
  10. Secrets?
  11. The Harpers?
  12. Attunement & Testing
  13. Back to the inn
  14. Are we leaving?


Full story coming soon…