Halloween Special – Curse of Strahd part 4


Greetings to you all. In this final rendition of the Halloween special the team was bombarded with hoards and hoards of Strahd’s minions. There was a small semblance of team work until they came across a rather large puppet of Strahd. My regular players were on point and attacked the creature but the first timers were quite confused at the task at hand. (Again the writer of this strange script will finish the full story some other time as he is being controlled by my hands ~ Strahd von Zarovich)

In short out of 8 players, 4 of which were new to the tabletop roleplaying game only 3 survived.

Here is the short summary.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Castle
  3. The Game room
  4. The Catacombs
  5. The Platforms
  6. The Game
  7. The Hoard of Undead
  8. Lots and Lots of Falling?
  9. The very large puppet
  10. Deaths!!!
  11. The Game room with Strahd
  12. Boredom of Strahd

(Full story will come later… hopefully soon)


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