Princes of the Apocolypse Part 4


Welcome back, readers. This session was a rest and re-quest time. My adventurers returned from the crypt and dark plane of the Shadowfell and reap the spoils and rewards of their mission. Their first mission. I had thought this would take no more than 1 session but my team never really plan any of their actions and just go where ever they want and in this case they even double backed visits.

Here is a summary of the session.

  1. Return to Red Lurch
  2. We need rest
  3. Shopping at the market
  4. Shopping at the Three Brothers
  5. Shopping at the dwarven smith
  6. Shopping at the Three brothers again?
  7. Rock + Hammer = Smash
  8. Joining a cult?
  9. Meeting a Harper… Talos was it?
  10. Quest 1 – Aid Greenboot. Find Shepherd.
  11. Quest 2A – Destroy bandit camp.
  12. Quest 2B – Aid Apollo. Kill Black dragon + collect dragon scales?
  13. Mini Quest 1 – Collect materials to sell to the Three Brothers.
  14. Shopping at the dwarven smith again?


The full story is coming soon.


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