Halloween Special – Curse of Strahd part 3


Greetings my reader(s?). This week was the third installment of the Curse of Strahd campaign. My players were a bit confused at first at what they needed to do to continue the story along or just what they should do in terms of their mission. Now I had told them before the game that this was just a seek and destroy style of session. Some of the new players had no idea what to do at all. I needed to “guide” them with subtly. With every action the wrong way pushes them (in the wrong way!!) back to where they started. One of the players had been playing the campaign with a different group so I had him keep his knowledge to try and not dampen the game with meta-gaming information.

His story was that he is an acquaintance of the Lord. They had a bit of an argument and he and his companion were thrown into a month of repeated limbo.

Here is the short summary.

  1. New arrivals
  2. Aimless wanderings
  3. Defeating the Hag monster
  4. Rest + Information
  5. To the castle + Ally?
  6. To the castle + Gnome?
  7. Entering the castle + keeping up!!
  8. Getting lost + two towers + beating heart + catacombs? How did this happen?
  9. Entering the castle. To the game room?
  10. Game Time!


The full story is coming soon. Sorry for the delay =(


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