Curse of Strahd – Halloween Special part 2


Greetings Reader(s?), this week we continue our adventure in the land of Barovia. And this week we lose a player and gain two others. No I didn’t hack up the other player in two and was not playing two characters. Now instead of a 3-man team we have a 5-man (so to speak as there was a female playing in this week’s group) team.

First off I had each of the newcomers/late-comers get their fortunes told. I tried not to force it since that would not be my style. I placed each of them in different areas near town and asked where they wanted to go.

Here are the players:

  • Human Paladin
  • Human Rogue
  • Werewolf Barbarian
  • Male Dwarf Cleric (Female player)
  • Half-elf Rogue

And here is a short summary of what happened:

  1. Fortunes were told
  2. Wolf & Gnome
  3. Fate
  4. Reinforcements?
  5. Aftermath
  6. Why now? We need a rest!!!


Full story coming soon…


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