Curse of Strahd – Halloween Special Part 1


Greetings all you fans of this month of horror and jump scares. I have a special blog of truly terrifying tales from the classic adventure from the Castle of Ravenloft.

Here I asked my players to prepare for some wholesome fright night experience, using D&D 5th as a platform. They could also have chosen to be monsters and fight heroes this time around or just have their heroes struggle with the turned DM (from fun loving schemer to Strahd’s faithful minion).

So I had my players make sure they had a chosen alignment. This would give them specific paths I had setup before hand. The alignments below are simple tokens the character recieves upon getting their fortunes told. Yes, there are creepy fortunes with this game. Man I love it. I will post the fortunes and how to read said fortunes on another post.


  • Striker
  • Controller
  • Defender
  • Leader


  • Thief
  • Bishop
  • Wizard
  • Avenger


  • Necromancer
  • Miser
  • Berserker
  • Assassin


Good would kill/defeat Strahd

Neutral must survive with the treasure or weaken Strahd

Evil must aid Strahd

With all this in mind, we started off with characters of good scattered in the cursed lands of Barovia, Strahd’s domain. By the way if you are not too familiar with Castle of Ravenloft or who Strahd is. Strahd is the dracula of D&D. Not the “Twilight” vampires of this generation (though I have not read any of the books and just outraged that Sparkle vampires exist in books/movies).

Ok, so here is a Summary of the first of four sessions of Curse of Strahd.

  1. Introduction to this session
  2. Fortunes are told
  3. Exploring their areas
  4. A church on a hill
  5. Vampires (enter manical laugher here)


Full Story coming soon…


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