Halloween Special – Curse of Strahd part 4


Greetings to you all. In this final rendition of the Halloween special the team was bombarded with hoards and hoards of Strahd’s minions. There was a small semblance of team work until they came across a rather large puppet of Strahd. My regular players were on point and attacked the creature but the first timers were quite confused at the task at hand. (Again the writer of this strange script will finish the full story some other time as he is being controlled by my hands ~ Strahd von Zarovich)

In short out of 8 players, 4 of which were new to the tabletop roleplaying game only 3 survived.

Here is the short summary.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Castle
  3. The Game room
  4. The Catacombs
  5. The Platforms
  6. The Game
  7. The Hoard of Undead
  8. Lots and Lots of Falling?
  9. The very large puppet
  10. Deaths!!!
  11. The Game room with Strahd
  12. Boredom of Strahd

(Full story will come later… hopefully soon)


Halloween Special – Curse of Strahd part 3


Greetings my reader(s?). This week was the third installment of the Curse of Strahd campaign. My players were a bit confused at first at what they needed to do to continue the story along or just what they should do in terms of their mission. Now I had told them before the game that this was just a seek and destroy style of session. Some of the new players had no idea what to do at all. I needed to “guide” them with subtly. With every action the wrong way pushes them (in the wrong way!!) back to where they started. One of the players had been playing the campaign with a different group so I had him keep his knowledge to try and not dampen the game with meta-gaming information.

His story was that he is an acquaintance of the Lord. They had a bit of an argument and he and his companion were thrown into a month of repeated limbo.

Here is the short summary.

  1. New arrivals
  2. Aimless wanderings
  3. Defeating the Hag monster
  4. Rest + Information
  5. To the castle + Ally?
  6. To the castle + Gnome?
  7. Entering the castle + keeping up!!
  8. Getting lost + two towers + beating heart + catacombs? How did this happen?
  9. Entering the castle. To the game room?
  10. Game Time!


The full story is coming soon. Sorry for the delay =(

Princes of the Apocolypse Part 4


Welcome back, readers. This session was a rest and re-quest time. My adventurers returned from the crypt and dark plane of the Shadowfell and reap the spoils and rewards of their mission. Their first mission. I had thought this would take no more than 1 session but my team never really plan any of their actions and just go where ever they want and in this case they even double backed visits.

Here is a summary of the session.

  1. Return to Red Lurch
  2. We need rest
  3. Shopping at the market
  4. Shopping at the Three Brothers
  5. Shopping at the dwarven smith
  6. Shopping at the Three brothers again?
  7. Rock + Hammer = Smash
  8. Joining a cult?
  9. Meeting a Harper… Talos was it?
  10. Quest 1 – Aid Greenboot. Find Shepherd.
  11. Quest 2A – Destroy bandit camp.
  12. Quest 2B – Aid Apollo. Kill Black dragon + collect dragon scales?
  13. Mini Quest 1 – Collect materials to sell to the Three Brothers.
  14. Shopping at the dwarven smith again?


The full story is coming soon.

Curse of Strahd – Halloween Special part 2


Greetings Reader(s?), this week we continue our adventure in the land of Barovia. And this week we lose a player and gain two others. No I didn’t hack up the other player in two and was not playing two characters. Now instead of a 3-man team we have a 5-man (so to speak as there was a female playing in this week’s group) team.

First off I had each of the newcomers/late-comers get their fortunes told. I tried not to force it since that would not be my style. I placed each of them in different areas near town and asked where they wanted to go.

Here are the players:

  • Human Paladin
  • Human Rogue
  • Werewolf Barbarian
  • Male Dwarf Cleric (Female player)
  • Half-elf Rogue

And here is a short summary of what happened:

  1. Fortunes were told
  2. Wolf & Gnome
  3. Fate
  4. Reinforcements?
  5. Aftermath
  6. Why now? We need a rest!!!


Full story coming soon…

Halloween Special D&D Tarokka cards

In this post I will explain how to read the written fortunes below.

The First card shows the location of the Book of Strahd.

The Second card shows the location of the Holy symbol of Ravenloft.

The Third card shows the location of the Sunsword.

The Fourth cards shows the location of Strahd’s Enemy (who could be a potential ally…maybe).

The Fifth card show the location of Strahd (My Master…) himself.


Here are the fortunes for each Trinket:


  • Hooded One “I see a faceless god. He waits you at the end of a long and winding road, deep in the mountains.”
  • Missionary “I see a garden dusted with snow, watched over by a scarecrow with a sackcloth grin. Look not to the garden but to the guardian.”
  • Diviner “Look to the one who sees all. The treasure is hidden in her camp.”
  • Artefact “Look for an entertaining man with a monkey. This man is more than he seems.”
  • Tempter “I see a secret place – a vault of temptation hidden behind a woman of great beauty. The evil waits atop his tower of treasure.”



  • Conjurer “I see a dead village, drowned by a river, ruled by one who has brought great evil into the world.”
  • Philanthropist “Look to a place where sickness and madness are bred. Where children once cried, the treasure lies still.”
  • Evoker “Search for the crypt of a wizard ordinaire. His staff is the key.”
  • Darklord “Ah, the worst of all truths: You must face the evil of this land alone!”
  • Donjon “He lurks in a hall of bones, in the dark pits of his castle.”



  • Druid “An evil tree grows atop a hill of graves where the ancient dead sleep. The ravens can help you find it. Look for the treasure there.”
  • Avenger “The treasure lies in a dragon’s house, in hands once clean and now corrupt.”
  • Wizard “Look for a wizard’s tower on a lake. Let the wizard’s name and servant guide you to that which you seek.”
  • Mists “A Vistana wanders this land alone, searching for her mentor. She does not stay long. Seek her out at Saint Markovia’s abbey, near the mists.”
  • Marionette “Look to great heights. Find the beating heart of the castle. He awaits nearby.”



  • Shepherd “Find the mother – she who gave birth to evil.”
  • Beggar “A wounded elf has what you seek. He will part with the treasure to see his dark dreams fulfilled.”
  • Trader “Look to the wizard of wines! In the wood and sand the treasure hides.”
  • Executioner “Seek out the brother of the devil’s bride. They call him (the lesser,) but he has a powerful soul.”
  • Seer “He waits for you in a place of wisdom, warmth, and despair. Great secrets are there.”





  • Anarchist “I see walls of bones, a chandelier of bones, and a table of bones – all that remains of the enemies long forgotten.”
  • Illusionist “A man is not what he seems. He comes here in a carnival wagon. Therein lies what you seek.”
  • Dictator “I see a throne fit for a king.”
  • Marionette “What horror is this? I see a man by a man. Ageless and alone, it haunts the tower of the castle.”
  • Broken One “He haunts the tomb of the man he envied above all.”



  • Paladin “I see a sleeping prince, a servant of light and the brother of darkness. The treasure lies with him.”
  • Thief “What you seek lies at the crossroads of life and death, among the buried dead.”
  • Transmuter “Go to a place of dizzying heights, where the stone itself is alive!”
  • Beast “A werewolf holds a secret hatred for your enemy. Use her hatred to your advantage.”
  • Ghost “Look to the father’s tomb.”



  • Mercenary “The thing you seek lies with the dead, under mountains of gold coins.”
  • Necromancer “A woman hangs above a roaring fire. Find her, and you will find the treasure.”
  • Guild Member “I see a dark room full of bottles. It is the tomb of a guild member.”
  • Ghost “I see a fallen paladin of a fallen order of knights. He lingers like a ghost in a dead dragon’s lair.”
  • Horseman “He lurks in the one place to which he must return – a place of death.”



  • Myrmidon “Look for a den of wolves in the hills overlooking a mountain lake. The treasure belongs to mother night.”
  • Swashbuckler “I see the skeleton of a deadly warrior, lying on a bed of stone flanked by gargoyles.”
  • Tax Collector “The Vistana have what you seek. A missing child holds the key to the treasure’s release.”
  • Beast “A werewolf holds a secret hatred for your enemy. Use her hatred to your advantage.”
  • Marionette “Look to great heights. Find the beating heart of the castle. He awaits nearby.”





  • Healer “Look to the west. Find a pool blessed by the light of the white sun.”
  • Monk “The treasure you seek is hidden behind the sun, in the house of a saint.”
  • Warrior “That which you seek lies in the womb of darkness, the devil’s lair: the one place to which he must return.”
  • Broken One ”Your greatest ally will be a wizard. His mind is broken, but his spells are strong.”
  • Artefact “He lurks in the darkness where the morning light once shone – a sacred place.”



  • Torturer “There is a town where all is not well. There you will find a house of corruption, and within, a dark room full of still ghosts.”
  • Merchant “Seek a cask that once contained the finest wine, of which not a drop remains.”
  • Enchanter “I see a kneeling woman – a rose of great beauty plucked too soon. The master of the marsh knows of whom I speak.”
  • Donjon “Search for a troubled young man surrounded by wealth and madness. His home is his prison.”
  • Darklord “He lurks in the depths of darkness, in the one place to which he must return.”



  • Elementalist “The treasure is hidden in a small castle beneath a mountain, guarded by amber giants.”
  • Shepherd “Find the mother – she who gave birth to evil.”
  • Berserker “Find the mad dog’s crypt. The treasure lies within, beneath blackened bones.”
  • Innocent “I see a young man with a kind heart. A mother’s boy! He is strong in body but weak of mind. Seek him out in the village of Barovia.”
  • Seer “He waits for you in a place of wisdom, warmth, and despair. Great secrets are there.”



  • Priest “You will find what you seek in the castle, amid the ruins of a place of supplication.”
  • Abjurer “I see a fallen house guarded by a great stone dragon. Look to the highest peak.”
  • Bishop “What you seek lies in a pile of treasure, beyond a set of amber doors.”
  • Executioner “Seek out the brother of the devil’s bride. They call him (the lesser,) but he has a powerful soul.”
  • Mists “The cards can’t see where the evil lurks. The mists obscure all!”




True location

  • Missionary “I see a garden dusted with snow, watched over by a scarecrow with a sackcloth grin. Look not to the garden but to the guardian.”
  • Conjurer “I see a dead village, drowned by a river, ruled by one who has brought great evil into the world.”
  • Philanthropist “Look to a place where sickness and madness are bred. Where children once cried, the treasure lies still.”
  • Marionette “What horror is this? I see a man by a man. Ageless and alone, it haunts the tower of the castle.”
  • Seer “He waits for you in a place of wisdom, warmth, and despair. Great secrets are there.”


I won’t spoil what they mean or the challenges they involve but at the moment here is the list of characters with those trinkets.

Lawful Good Paladin = Striker

Neutral Evil Wizard = Necromancer

Chaotic Neutral Rogue = Wizard

True Neutral Sorcerer = Avenger

Chaotic Evil Werewolf = Assassin

Chaotic Neutral Rogue = Bishop

Curse of Strahd – Halloween Special Part 1


Greetings all you fans of this month of horror and jump scares. I have a special blog of truly terrifying tales from the classic adventure from the Castle of Ravenloft.

Here I asked my players to prepare for some wholesome fright night experience, using D&D 5th as a platform. They could also have chosen to be monsters and fight heroes this time around or just have their heroes struggle with the turned DM (from fun loving schemer to Strahd’s faithful minion).

So I had my players make sure they had a chosen alignment. This would give them specific paths I had setup before hand. The alignments below are simple tokens the character recieves upon getting their fortunes told. Yes, there are creepy fortunes with this game. Man I love it. I will post the fortunes and how to read said fortunes on another post.


  • Striker
  • Controller
  • Defender
  • Leader


  • Thief
  • Bishop
  • Wizard
  • Avenger


  • Necromancer
  • Miser
  • Berserker
  • Assassin


Good would kill/defeat Strahd

Neutral must survive with the treasure or weaken Strahd

Evil must aid Strahd

With all this in mind, we started off with characters of good scattered in the cursed lands of Barovia, Strahd’s domain. By the way if you are not too familiar with Castle of Ravenloft or who Strahd is. Strahd is the dracula of D&D. Not the “Twilight” vampires of this generation (though I have not read any of the books and just outraged that Sparkle vampires exist in books/movies).

Ok, so here is a Summary of the first of four sessions of Curse of Strahd.

  1. Introduction to this session
  2. Fortunes are told
  3. Exploring their areas
  4. A church on a hill
  5. Vampires (enter manical laugher here)


Full Story coming soon…

Princes of the Apocolypse – Part 3


Welcome readers, this week the gang had some crazy encounters. Some of them were in town while others were at the crypt.

I will try to write more of the sessions we have on Wednesday as they are starting to pile up. I know it has been ages since my last post and that I had just recently posted Part 2 (even though it was supposed to be posted in July = 4/7/2016 and it is currently the 29/8/2016 — Sorry).

Here is the Short summary of this session:

  1. Scout the Crypt
  2. Return to town for reward
  3. Explore the Crypt – the ones that stayed
  4. The Gnome Brothers
  5. Return to crypt – the ones that left
  6. Traps, Treasure and Portals
  7. Digging in Quarry
  8. Door to Crypt
  9. Well spring of Evil?!!

Team A

  • Human Ranger level 1 – Randal
  • Dwarf Cleric level 1 – Grizilla
  • Half-elf Ranger level 1 – Lothram
  • High elf Wizard level 1
  • Human Bard level 1

Team B

  • Fighter Goliath level 1 – Rock
  • Halfling Rogue level 2 – Rosaline

Team C – Solo

  • Tiefling Warlock level 3 – Apollo


This session starts off with the gang heading towards the crypt that they need to cleanse for the town to be freed from whatever curse it was on. Where Team A is actually on the job, Team B was just too bored with waiting for subtly and Team C or should I say Apollo is just too high and mighty to join a group and went solo.

Anyway let me start off with Team A. Here we have two ranger working in unison to locate the crypt. With their exceptional teamwork, they arrive within the first 10 minutes of the session. (WoW, TEAMWORK in D&D that was my first. I had high hopes this would continue throughout the session but I was too optimistic…) The team even scouts out the area for ambushes and traps. They find the traps but the ambush happened just as one of the rangers spots a well-hidden orc with an arrow notched and pointed at the trapped boulder. This fight was somewhat quick and the two bandits were defeated post haste. Their only trouble was killing the orc as it was half troll and kept regenerating.

Once the fight was completed, the team split up to look for loot. They find a strange chest hidden away from the ambush site. It was an odd chest as it had the name “Nibbles” across the front of the top. There was also some dwarven runes and some odd looking stones embedded throughout the exterior. The team first disarmed the trap and made sure the entrance to the crypt was also safe. When the entrance was secured they inspected the strange chest. The chest was indeed locked and since there was no key on the bandits they needed someone to unlock it some other way. But before that the team frantically searched for traps. They found one trap, on the lock. It was a simple poison needle that would harm the person picking the lock. This was triggered and the Bard was shot with a poisonous needle. This trap was enough to incapacitate him as he was worn out from the battle. (Yes, in this party no one thinks to ever rest!!! But its RISK for REWARD). Grizilla being the only one competent in healing she went to care for the injured/dying bard. The rest was up to the rangers and the wizard. Lothram made his attempt to open the box but was not skilled enough. Then Lothram ordered his bear “Scratches” to break the chest with wild force, but he did not know where to precisely attack and just wildly damaged the outer lid. Next was Randal, he made many attempts and was able to open the box successfully.

Once the chest was open the rangers and wizard again looked for traps? (My players really were paranoid and check for traps whenever they thought there were traps but there were none. And didn’t check when there were plenty—like a dark corridor). There was a strange substance in the box as well as other smaller boxes which had coins and maps. Randal not caring for the strange liquid just put his hand in and grabbed the contents of the box. A smaller chest full of coins and gems. And a map case full of scrolls. Aside from this there was nothing else but the strange liquid. The wizard not convinced that this was it continued to investigate the chest inside and out but found nothing of interest. The wizard failing to find anything else headed towards the entrance to the crypt. There Randal had started to stealth down. Once the Bard was again up and running Grizilla went to inspect the chest after it was fully looted. She found valuable gems on the outer box that decorated the chest near the inscription “Nibbles”. She also found a secret dwarven compartment which had a note about where this box is to be delivered. The note was written in some strange gibberish language so they were able to decipher it. Once the investigation of the chest was done, the rest of the party headed down to the crypt.

Meanwhile, Rock and Rosy were digging for valuable rocks down in the mines. Rock uncovered some mysterious runes and glyphs on the rock wall. It zapped him and he simply ignored it and continued to dig farther down. Rosy wanted to investigate it more but the torch was with Rock so she join him farther down. As the two travelled down the tunnel they came across three way fork with one of them being barricaded. Using his sense of smell to determine which tunnel to choice Rock determined that the tunnel to the left had a watery smell to it, while the one in the middle was much drier without the slightest hint flowing air. Choosing the middle tunnel Rock continues to explore the mines farther. About 10 minutes down Rosy was able to catch up and she finds that Rock has started to break open a bricked wall with signs all over the place warning not to break this barricade. Rock breaks through and a hoard of little creatures escape out of the mines. Rock tried to attack them but they were too fast. Rosy identifies the creatures as Faerie dragons. Not deterred from these tiny creature Rock continues to explore but unfortunately he finds himself in a dead end so he goes back to the fork.

Apollo on the other hand needed to get some money to pay for some much needed healing. He asked the locals and many of them guided him to a shop near the edge of town. South of town. He knew of this shop all too well with the rather rude Gnome named Nibbles and the rather insane Gnome named Rat. The shop was called “The three Brothers ~~” (it was called something else after the 3 brother but the shop sign had been blasted or shot with some spell that remove the rest of the sign with a big whole). Apollo did not want to enter that shop again until he had completed his task. After scouring the town for rumours, he found out a place where priests had been hire to aid some inflicted maidens. Apollo heads over to what his ears had discovered from gossip, a Gentlemen’s’ club. In short it was a brothel. Entering this establishment he is greeted by the host. He ignored him and asked for help, in the healing arts. One very old priest gladly healed him for free only after explaining the situation that the young maidens in this establishment had been afflicted by some curse (regular old lust for money ie whoring). And it was up to him and his apprentices to cure their affliction. Not being able to afford any more delays Apollo ignored this request and headed over to the crypt to cleanse the town of the ghost’s curse.

Before leaving town he manages to notice that the quarry of miners were being attacked by some faerie dragons. He blasted some and killed some of the miners as well. Yes, he killed some of the townsfolk. The faerie dragons had used their magic to make it appear that they were the miners and the miners them. Not wanting to receive more attention for misunderstood deeds he heads away from the quarry. But since he was still being afflicted by a powerful Suggestion spell he headed into the mines instead. After 40ft, he comes out of the trance and is attracted by the strange runes and glyphs Rock had uncovered early. To him they said some powerful spell. These markings lead him farther down the tunnel to the fork where he managed to meet up with Rock and Rosy. The tunnel that was poorly barricade with wooden planks was easily destroyed by Rock. Apollo tried his best to recruit them but failed. So Apollo simply followed behind while following the signs of the runes from before.

In the crypt, Randal was quite quiet that even the ghost residing/haunting the place hadn’t noticed his presence. Lothram with his bear just wanted to solve the problem at hand and charged in passing by the well-hidden Randal. Lothram encounters the spirit and it is revealed that once all the missing pieces of the ghost’s belongings are returned he will return to rest. A sword that the warlock (Apollo) has. A ring that a bandit (which is no in the possession of Lothram) stole. And a shield that a Gnome is trying to sell. Lothram offers the ring since he did not know where the other were and the discussion turned into a fight. The spirit gets extinguished at the cost of the Bard’s life, Lothram’s life (he is quickly saved though by the end of combat) and the destruction of a powerful artefact (the ring). The Bard didn’t make it as he was instantly killed with a single attack (he was on 3 hp and he still wanted to join the already crowded fight).

Once the fight was done, the team decided to investigate the crypt for treasure and secret passages. They managed to find 3 hidden doorways. One of which required a key. The other two were simply shut tight. The one that needed the key was made of stone, or it was more concealed in stone. The other two were heavy iron doors that had been rusted over the years. Once the many force of the team had been revived, they again split into two groups. One group was Lothram and Grizilla, they went back to town to inform them that the crypt was clear and to return the chest to someone named “Nibbles”. The other team consisted of Randal and the wizard. While inspecting the stone door, one of the heavy iron doors burst open. Rock and Rosy emerge from the dust and door. From this surprising action Randal shot an arrow at them thinking they were more enemies. He missed Rock and the arrow ricocheted and hit Apollo who was hiding behind Rosy just as Rock burst out of the door. It was not a critical hit but Apollo did need to quickly use one of his healing potions to recover most of the damage. After that Apollo had found what he was looking for as Rock had unintentionally removed the door from its hinges and disturbed the tunnel wall. This wall revealed a strange inscription of a weapon. It was a staff of power. Something Apollo was looking for. Rock not caring just searched the other heavy iron door. Rosy on the other hand was trying her hardest to open the stone wall with her thieves’ tools. But all her attempts ended in failure. Rock on the other hand managed to bust down another door at his second attempt. In this room there were 3 chests on the ground. The room was darkly lit but with a torch Rosy was carrying showed that this room was an offerings room for the family of the deceased, which meant TREASURE!! (And also traps!?) Rosy being the rogue of the party looked for traps. Randal on the other hand stayed alert for more enemies and also to guard the frail wizard. Rosy had successfully found 2 traps (out of the 3 I had set) and went to disarm the simplest ones. Unfortunately she failed big time and the trap exploded with its thousands of needles. This trap instantly killed her and only wounding Rock as he was by the threshold of the door. By activating this trap it had disturbed the chest next to it and was activated. Smoke started to fill the small room. Rock was resistant to the poison and quickly entered the room the aid his fallen friend. The gas was not reacting to the torches’ fire so that was a bit of luck but it was numbing the senses of the weak. He was annoyed by the box spewing smoke so he kicked it. A vial or potion came out. Thinking this was of value Rock grabbed it and carried Rosy’s body to the other room to ask for help. Everyone tried their best to aid Rosy but she was dead. Rock thinking optimistically tried many potions he had on him. After using two normal looking potions nothing seemed to work.

At this point Apollo had noticed the commotion behind him and upon looking at one of the potions Rock had he realised too late that it was a RARE potion of True Resurrection. Rock thinking the potion he had found in the deadly needle room might work tried it. This brought Rosaline back from the dead and Apollo cried “…no, wait that was … a waste!!!” Once Rosy was revived the wizard came into a conclusion on how to open the stone door. BLAST IT OPEN. He told the party to hide somewhere or take cover and once all were in position he used Thunderwave and blasted the stone wall open but since it was an enclosure the echo deafened all besides almost killing the party.

Wizard: Um, is it possible to blast the stone wall with a spell?

DM: sure, what spell do you have in mind (thinking peppering it with magic missile?)

Wizard: Thunderwave?

Randal: Let me take cover first!!!

Rosaline, Rock, Apollo: Me too!!!

DM: He was just asking a question, Are you sure you want to cast Thunderwave (in an underground crypt – my thoughts)?

Wizard: Yep

After the blast everyone was deafened. They were a bit shocked at why no one died but now no one could communicate with each other.

Meanwhile Lothram with Scratches and Grizilla slowly carried the heavy chest back to the town of Red Larch. It took them 3 hours.

They find themselves checking out the progress of the town. The curse had been lifted and those who had been affected were now more consistent. The Constable was more of a leader than a curious fool. He was more stern and commanding. The old woman that was acting like some kind of witch doctor or shaman, was now more of a respectable wise woman. Most of the townsfolk were either asleep inside their homes or just passed out on a table of the tavern or inn. Many of the militia were actually hired mercenaries, to guard the town in case of an attack.

Lothram rather surprised that most of the townsfolk were asleep wondered if they would be able to find this “Nibbles” character. But first they needed to tell the old woman that the deed was done. Old Minny was very much pleased that they had lifted the curse and was going to celebrate their return with the people. Lothram asked if she knew a person by the name of “Nibbles” but she simply said that it was a strange name. Minny did tell them that the Constable would know someone that would know if he himself didn’t. After much thanks and praise Lothram went to see the Constable. Grizilla decided to instead go to the Swing Sword Inn to wait for her comrades. As she entered the inn she noticed that all but one patron was fast asleep. The one patron that was not asleep was sitting at the very opposite end of the inn, having some tea.

Grizilla went over to the owner to get a room but he too was asleep on a short wooden stool. Not knowing what to do, she decided to approach the cloaked patron having tea. From closer inspection, he was a high elf. She walked closer to the elf when he spoke words. “If you want a room to rest for the night, it will be 2 silver pieces per night!” His voice was very calm, and as Grizilla heard his voice he did not even look up.

Grizilla: “Laddie, what happened to these people?”

High elf: “Not too sure but they seem to be sleeping soundly”

Grizilla: “Ye did na doo this to them didya?”

High elf: “…”

High elf: “and what if I did what would you do about it? Kill me? Because you can try but will fail”

Grizilla: “I just wanted to know what happened, is all”

Then the elf explains that perhaps the dreaded infliction had been lifted by those tasked to lift it and had succeeded. Grizilla ask where the keys to the rooms were so she could rest were. The elf asked for the payment of 2 silver pieces. She placed firmly, 2 silver pieces on the table where the elf was sit at, trying to disturb the man’s tea. A key then appeared on the table and the elf said it was the empty room on the right side. The second door. She took the key and headed up to clean and rest up.

Lothram on the other hand was now dragging the very heavy chest towards the Constable’s location. The marketplace. As he arrived, he told his bear to guard the chest while he spoke to the Constable about Nibbles. Approaching the Constable, Lothram realises why he is the man in charge. The people of this town find him as a very authoritative man. Lothram greets him then asks if he knows someone by the name of Nibbles. The Constable told him that he runs a magic shop south of town. By the name of “The Three Brothers”. Lothram thanks him for the info and goes on his merry way.

At the magic shop, Lothram finds himself greeted by a gnome. A very nice and cheerful gnome.

Cheerful gnome: Greetings friend, how may I aid you?

Lothram: (grunts a few times) (drops the chests) Are… You… Nibbles?

Cheerful gnome: No I am not. That would be my master. He’s a bit busy right now, though. I’m Bob by the way. =)

Lothram: Well I have a box for him. Apparently it belongs to him.

Bob: Master’s box? (Quickly jumps off his stool and bangs on the back door – very loudly)

Bob: Master… Master… there is an adventurer here with your box?

Nibbles: I’m busy at the moment tell… (Strange squawk/quelling sounds muffled by the door) blast… get back… get back or I’ll quash you with a giant’s foot!!

Lothram: Does he need help? I could help?

Bob: No, master is just in the laboratory doing one of his experiments. Last I tried to help I got this scar. (Shows a large claw mark on the gnome’s back)

After a few more minutes of Nibbles grunting and spell casting sounds and a couple of strange spell impact sounds Nibbles comes out of the back room.

Nibbles walks up to Lothram inspects and eyes him. Meanders to where the box is and inspects the contents. He stomps his very small feet and confronts Lothram.

Nibbles: What exactly do you want from me? (In a very rude tone)

Lothram: What I just returned your chest, you should be grateful!

Nibbles: (Sighs heavily) you’re an adventurer right?

Lothram: yeah

Nibbles: Then you want a reward right?

Lothram: well I would appreciate it if…

Nibbles: so name it already I haven’t got all day.

Lothram: what?

Nibbles: (sighs heavily again) huh another slow one. How do adventurers survive these days?

Nibbles: What. Reward. Would. You. Like. For. Returning. My. Chest. To me? Potions? Weapons? Or maybe a greater intellectual spell?

Lothram now felt the derision of Nibbles’ tone and tried to threaten him with his fierce looks and blades. But that failed with Nibbles giving him a warning shot of a very powerful Firebolt spell that blasted a hole in the front door of the shop. Realising his mistake Lothram quickly apologised for his ignorance. Nibbles took this apology and spoke to his apprentice about the details of the reward. Then just before nibbles returned to the back door he said “well at least you aren’t as foolish as that Tiefling… come back anytime… Ranger was it?” Lothram answered with his name with a respectful bow. The back door then slams close and the tension in the shop was quickly lifted.

Lothram told Bob that a few potions will do for now and that he wanted to discuss with his party members about the reward and share the loot. Bob agreed and handed him 4x healing potions and said that once he returned again he would be given a proper reward. Lothram then went to the Swinging Sword Inn to rest up for a few hours to wait for his friend Randal and the rest of the party. He still had a room key so once he entered the establishment he went straight to his room, not noticing that most of the patrons were fast asleep.

2 hours later.

Grizilla and Lothram both meet up downstairs on the inn, and notice that all the people were very cheery but their team was still not here. Thinking back it took them 3 hours to travel back to town and had a bit of a rest of 2-3 hours. So what was taking them so long? They must be in trouble. Grizilla waved goodbye to the high elf and the two of them plus Scratches rushed back to the crypt.

Meanwhile back in the crypt, the team was very much deaf except for the newly resurrected Rosaline. But once the dust cleared the passage was opened. Here the team decided to explore without taking a break. Not even a short rest. Randal was the most fit of the bunch so he headed into the tunnel first. It was pitch black. So Randal being human and not having the convenience of darkvision, lit a torch before plunging into the unknown. Here he noticed that much of the ground and walls were indeed man made. It was old but it was just a flat and straight corridor. He continued to walk and passed many of the deadly traps without even noticing they were there. The wizard, Rock and Rosaline followed behind. Rosaline was the only one to check this place for traps as she had died just moments ago and was very cautious about everything.

The wizard trigger all the traps along the way. They were traps to ensnare or entangle, so as to capture the intruder. As Randal moved closer to the end of the corridor, he trigger the final trap. A pitfall with spikes. The drop was just 30 feet down, so he managed to catch himself before being skewered. Since Rock was helping out the wizard from one of the entangling traps and Rosaline was diligently investigating traps, they had not noticed that their ranger had vanished. Rosaline and the gang proceeded forward. Upon reaching the sight of the door at the end of the tunnel they rushed forward. Here Rosaline failed to detect the trap and the team fell down. The wizard being lucky and somewhat agile as well as being ahead of the rest did not fall. Randal had found a safe ledge and safely escaped the spikes. As he swung towards the ledge his companions fell straight on to the spikes. Rosaline was small enough to use Rock as a safety ledge before jumping on the “actual” ledge of this room. Randal lit a new torch as the previous one went out during the fall. In this room, there were indeed spikes but also treasure. Treasure from other adventurers. Rosaline being a rogue wanted to loot the place. Rock being annoyed of the spikes hurting him started to pull some out and cleared out a path. Having herculean strength was quite handy, Randal thought. But that was the only time. Randal was more interested in getting out then treasure so he searched for an exit. Strangely enough he found one with strange writing. It was dwarven script. He could not read it so he simply told the crew where the exit is and left.

Meanwhile in the corridor, Apollo was starting to head deeper into the newly discovered tunnel. Not knowing that there were traps he was assaulted by all of them except the pitfall. The first few were entanglement or entrapment, the ones in the middle were fire and gas types that had not been maintained and so did not were as intended. The next trap before the pitfall was a set of spinning blades. As he struggled forward he noticed that someone was trying to open a door that had similar script as the wall that gave him the staff. There was also an engraving or carving that looked like his staff. The wizard was had trouble figuring out had to open the door. Pushing and pulling would be quite impossible with his physique. The door did not have a key hole per say. This is when Apollo appear from the darkness and placed his staff on the door. The door greeted its master then opened just a crack enough for the door’s master to enter. This room had a coffin, elvish writing on the wall and a painting of a man. There were also jars and a few chests. There was also half a set of plate armour, missing the lower half, leg sections and greaves.

After an hour of investigation for any other deadly traps as well as where the others had disappeared to. The wizard and Apollo only found an urn full of silver coins, a portrait of Lord Dimitri, Elven script on the wall and empty chests. Then just as Apollo was about to leave they were suddenly alerted to a sound below them. Apollo being the more nervous of the two, readied an Eldritch blast. The panel on the ground moved Apollo immediately shot, but missed. The one who appeared was holding a torch. It was Randal and the gang. To the wizard’s relief, he helped them up. Here is where some of them parted ways. Rock and Rosaline did not want any more dangerous events and cautiously left the room, as well as all the loot from the pitfall.

Once they made it out of the crypt, Rock met up with the other ranger. The one with the bear. Lothram. Here Rock told him that the others were in the back room of the crypt. Lothram and Grizilla wandered “…back of the crypt?” Rock and Rosaline then headed back to town for some rest (although they never did ~ rest!). Lothram with his keen senses revealed a safe path through the deadly traps and failing to avoid the pitfall. He and Grizilla fall down the hole and to their surprise landed on flat stone tiles. While being surrounded by spears. This was odd. There was even a path that led to an exit. This room did have treasures from long dead adventurers (these were the treasures neither Rosy nor Rock could reach or risk their lives to get). Here they obtained some gem and some armour and some coins. They headed out to the exit and Grizilla found dwarven writing that said “the next one to clean the pitfall collect the items and head to Triboar”. She did not know what that meant but it seemed that dwarves or people who knew the dwarven language worked for whoever belonged to the crypt.

After exiting the trap, both of them arrive in the back room where the others had continued to investigate. The portrait or mural on the wall had script under it stating “Lord Dimitri” in what Apollo translated from the infernal script. The other wall with a hand print on it as well as some elven stated “Treasure Room”. It was very suspicious and the two spell-casters were just very hesitant and were arguing on the true meaning of the script. Randal was quite bored guarding the two squabbling scholars until his ally and friend Lothram came out of the hole he entered. The rangers discussed the next plan of action and that is when Randal left to take refuge and recover back in town. With that, Lothram went to inspect the wall with elven writing. A few moments of investigation led him to believe that placing one’s hand on the hand carving and speaking the words would active the door to open. Lothram did so and “poof” he vanished from the room. The wizard and warlock were shocked at first but before they too used the passage of teleportation, the wizard warned the dwarf cleric where they were going. Unfortunately, Grizilla did not know a lick of elvish and was not really paying much attention to them. She was rather impressed with the set of plate armour, even though it was missing parts.

Lothram indeed vanish from the previous room and transported to another room. This room was quite dark and even with darkvision, he only managed to make out that this room was more than meets the eye. Before Lothram could inspect the room he sensed another presence right behind him. Thinking that it was an enemy sneak attack, he quickly slashed at the creature. On the other hand, Apollo had been the second to teleport himself with the elven script and unbeknownst to him was another creature in the darkness of the room already attacking him. So with defensive reflexes he cast Hellish Rebuke on the attacker. Both Lothram and Apollo attacking each other and both dealing near deadly damage.

After the attack, Lothram moved further into the room and red coloured light started to illuminated the “treasure room”. This room was more like a gateway to the three different locations. A wellspring. A mine. A crypt. There were chests in this room but they were all empty. Lothram not having much interest in mines decided to go to the wellspring. Just before Lothram again vanished the wizard appeared in the room. He was about to ask what was happening when Lothram vanished again. This time a portal was created and anyone could just walk through it. Apollo waited until he knew it was safe. (Though they were in someone else’s treasure room and it was leading them to an unknown wellspring of evil most likely but what can you really do as a DM). Lothram was only for about 5 minutes in this new place. The area of the wellspring had rather straight carvings in the ground. Lothram found that it was not natural but what it was, was just another mystery. He approached the spring and thinking it was a god’s sacred pool he inspected its waters.

Meanwhile back in the crypt Grizilla, had finished inspecting the marvellous armour when she realised that she was alone in that dark crypt. She tried to recall where they had gone to and after 10 minutes of thinking realised that they had teleported through the wall. She also remembered the wizard saying something about “wait for them for about 1 hour”. It was absurd having a lady wait for boys search for their toys. She knew she needed to go after them but she did know a lick of elvish, so how was she to open the door. 30 minutes later, Grizilla remembered the frilly elvish words and was teleported to the treasure room. Only to find out that the wizard had just entered yet another portal to some fountain.

Just touching the waters from the pond, revitalize Lothram of his injuries and gave him power. Power of the gods. Not know what to do he continued to inspect his surroundings. This place was not Faerun anymore, it was dark and the place reeked of something foul. The others had just arrived through the portal and they asked about the wellspring. Lothram told them all that he had found out and was still a little awkward about this whole setup. Apollo inspected the water and he felt healing coming from the water’s touch. The wizard too reached in to inspect the waters and felt a similar strength in Lothram’s description. Grizilla too came out of the portal but could not move closer to the boys. Some sort of barrier was blocking her path. She then realised that due to her clerical nature and the fountain’s nature were opposing. She tried to yell some warnings at the men but her words could not be heard.

Lothram was the first and only to ask for guidance to what to do. A voice quickly answered and told him to drink. He looked around to the sound of the voice and discovered that it was coming from a pair of white eyes. The eyes were cat like. The voice continued to talk about the properties. Lothram tried to discover the intent of this creature but many of his attempts ended in failure. The cat did reveal that it was the shape of a saber toothed tiger. Being subjected to the hook of power and healing Lothram took a drink of the water. He quickly felt the surge of power course through him and shortly a mark started to appear on his arm.

On the other hand, Grizilla saw demons possess the body of Lothram as he drunk from the fountain. She continued to yell and scream more warnings to the others but to no avail.

The wizard too want this power and drunk from the pool, he too gained the mark and the powers. Apollo on the other hand wanted more than just a simple drink. A touch or taste of power but absorb the essence of it all. So he jumped into the evil spring. As he emerged from the waters he felt cheated as he did not feel power like the others did. But instead his staff gained more vitality from the spring itself. It restored the staff’s power. (The main reason for this is he had already made a contract with the god when he obtained the staff so his act of jumping in the fountain was like some kind of baptism to the god). Only moments after, did Lothram and the wizard regret their decision? They had drank evil waters of Asmodeus. Which meant they had just pledged their allegiance to a god of tyranny. Most of his aspects are a belief in trickery.

Lothram tried many things to remove the cursed mark, carving it out or severing his arm but it simply regenerated or reformed. The wizard was less caring about the negative effects of joining Asmodeus and more worried about being cleansed of the “gift”. Lothram also gained a new animal companion the saber toothed tiger in allegiance to Asmodeus.

This creature was invisible to all except for the ones within the area of the fountain when he emerged. Grizilla quickly broke free of the barrier holding her and tried to aid in cleansing the curses of the men. She was not strong enough to remove the cursed mark but did have enough faith in finding a solution in curing it. Apollo on the other hand, feeling more powerful than he had ever felt before simply left the wellspring and returned to town to collect his reward (from Nibbles). The wizard too left for the portal while Lothram and Grizilla blocked the path of the tiger from entering the portal to the world to wreak havoc. Grizilla went in second last and then Lothram.

Seeing that the creature did not appear in the room of the crypt Lothram and Grizilla headed back to consult with the wizard and Apollo but it seems they too had already journey back to town. As they started to travel back to Red Larch Lothram heard these private words in this mind “So this is the human world, my name is Dalamar.” With this Lothram looked behind him to towards the crypt and there the saber toothed tiger emerged, with a graceful walk.


This is where the session ended. What will happen to Lothram and Apollo? Will they ever remove the curse? What are Dalamar’s motives? All of these questions will be answered in the next session.

Thank you for your patience.