Princes of the Apocolypse – Part 2


Hello readers,

This week (well actually this is a week or two behind x_x, just been sooooo busy lately) we have our adventurer’s return to town to claim the reward for dispatching the bandits (even though their quest was to cleanse the tomb of a soldier). We have new players also join in the fray of this crazy adventure.

The current team consists of the list below:

  • Fighter Goliath level 1 – Rock
  • Halfling Rogue level 2 – Rosaline
  • Human Ranger level 1 – Randal
  • Dwarf Cleric level 1 – Grizella
  • Half-elf Ranger level 1 – Lothram
  • Tiefling Warlock level 3 – Apollo


  • Elf Wizard level 1
  • Bard level 1


Here is the summary of what happened in the session.

  1. Loot dead bandits
  2. Found and looted wagons
  3. goliath bored
  4. Travel in Style?
  5. Ogre in-coming
  6. A fight?
  7. The Band!!!
  8. His target ^o^
  9. Disruption of Honour
  10. The chase

First off, the team looted the dead bandits that was after the bear was freed and the Half-elf and bear re-united. One of the rangers (being a Wanderer) decided to track the bandit that escaped and the other ranger (being a Bounty Hunter) severed the heads of the bandits to collect the bounty from them. While this was going on the Tiefling was back in town trying to find work without actually doing the dangerous fighting to go with it. Goliath and Dwarf were just waiting around for the next thing to do. The goliath rather curious of the strength of the bear they had rescued started to admire it. The dwarf just keep the peace of the goliath vs the bear named Scratches. Once the looting had been done they all went after the Human ranger.

Meanwhile the Human ranger found that the tracks led to a group of ransacked wagons. Once he looted (finding a crate of arrows and some special looking shortswords) the place they others caught up to him. They also searched the place for more treasures but at some point the goliath got bored and wasn’t interested in treasures so he freed the wagon from it trap or ditch fixed the broken wheel (not sure if it was broken… maybe?) and picked everyone not in the wagon already and dropped them off on to the back. Charged to the front and started to drive the wagon back to town with his herculean strength. The two rangers were working on building a makeshift carry pack to carry the loot they had found. The Dwarf too had found something interesting relating to the attacks of these attacks. They were somehow connected to the Deity Asmodeus. And that the ones to attack the caravans approaching Red Lurch were from some fire worshipping Cults.

Since the team were already travel to the goliath’s boredom. One of the rangers started to play a melody with his pan flute. His starting performance was so amazing that he attracted many creatures as they travelled back to town. Creatures big and small. The other ranger also wanting to contribute to the fanfare pulled out his flute and join the harmony. Though he was not as good as the half-elf the human ranger still managed to enhance the rhythm.

Hearing this the goliath seemed to get energized to the beat of the ranger’s play. With such music he sped up and slowed down with the rhythm and beat of the duet. But when ever one of rangers tried to impress the other it caused the goliath to charge with rage at the racket being played behind him.

//Something like this

The dwarf on the other hand was more annoyed at the random elvish notes being played and tried to see if this racket was attracting dangerous creatures. But to her dismay she could not concentrate enough to find any enemies and just bare with the noise. The goliath moving with the ebb and flow of the music noticed that they were being followed by a very large creature. The adventurers were almost in town and the fighter not wanted to harm the villagers of the town needed to stop whatever was coming either by killing it or scaring it away.

Meanwhile, the Tiefling still wondering about town looking for powerful items and magicks headed over to the town trading area. The Marketplace. Though it was very small compared to the ones in the cities or kingdoms it still had what adventurers need for their adventuring needs. The Tiefling not wanting to waste his time used his arcane powers to sense magic. He found two stall that bare magical items. One sold weapons with magical enhancements while the other sold potions and other interesting trinkets. He decided to talk to the vendor of the potions and trinkets.

Tiefling: Howdy!

Vendor (who is a gnome): If you want something you better have the coin for it? (in a very sharp and demanding tone spoken by a gnome)

Tielfing: What do you sell here, friend?

Gnome: You can see can’t you? Potions and trinkets of sorts!! (in a very annoyed tone)

Tiefling: Well I can see that but what are these potions you are selling? Healing potions?

Gnome: What you think they look like? Toad soup? Of course they are!! What else would lame-brained, wannabe heroes like yourself need?

Tielfling: Well, uh,

Gnome: Speak up lad! I thought I heard the sound of your bitch of whore mama squealing in the brothels. DO. WANT. TO BUY. ANYTHING. OR. NOT?

Tiefling: Don’t speak to me like that or I’ll have to …

Gnome: Or you have to what?

At this point the Tiefling calmed himself of all the insults and tried to peacefully buy something. But failed to Persuade the Gnome and instead resorted to shooting him with an Eldritch Blast.

DM: Are you sure?

Tiefling: Can I?

DM: If you really want to… go ahead.

He rolled for an attack and hit something. Not the intended target but some kind of barrier. The attack was absorbed and reflected back to the attacked. He wondered why I said “Roll of damage” as he didn’t think he would hit with such a bad roll (he got 9 all up). But on the damage end he rolled max damage of 12 force damage. This in turn made him go back down to 1 hit point. Being disgruntled by the horrible service of the gnome decided to head back in the direction of the odd potion shop at the south end of town to get some healing. Here he met another gnome. This one was named Bob. In some kind of co-incidence the gnome explained that he and his 2 other brothers were in town to help/aid adventurers in their travels so long as they had the right coin to pay for their help.

This gnome was a lot kinder then the others but who can tell with gnomes. The tiefling asked for some healing potions and the gnome showed him their selection. From healing potions to greater healing potions to elixirs of healing. But the price was rather steep and the Tiefling just didn’t have the money.

Rather than insulting his customers, this gnome made a deal with the Tiefling. Bring back some Ogre teeth and he will trade him some of the Improved healing potions he had in the shop. Where in the world the Tiefling was going to find an ogre and get teeth was just out of his knowledge. So he went off to search for an ogre.

The team returning to the town stopped just in front of the north end of town to deal with the new threat the goliath had sensed over the elvish melody of the rangers. The rangers sensing and feeling the wagon start to spin tried to exit it to avoid danger. The human managed to fall out of the wagon with less grace than a dancer with two left feet. The half-elf on the other hand exited the vehicle with elven reflexes but forgetting to land on his feet rather than his face. The dwarf too involved with her studies of the runes on the side of the wagon was unceremoniously removed from the wagon by the goliath as he tried to shake her out like shaking salt from a salt shaker.

Once out of the wagon the goliath tried to threaten the creature headed towards them. By shouts, scary threats then throwing the wagon at the oncoming creature. The wagon being as heavy as it was. The goliath still managed to throw the vehicle towards the tree line of the forest. And missing his quarry.

The creature to emerge from the forest was an Ogre carrying a long wooden log with holes in it. The party saw this creature as a threat and the goliath saw this creature as his next challenge. The rangers put their instruments away and getting their weapons at the ready. The goliath just continued to spout challenge threats to the creature.

Nearby at the Swinging Sword Inn, two adventurers hear the commotion of a wooden object crashing and shouts and jeers of challenge afoot. The townsfolk not quite knowing what was happening just tried to inform the adventurers exiting the Inn that there was an ogre at the north entrance of town. They both not know what such a rackus the beast would cause, just casually meandered north of town.

While this was happening the Tiefling also realised the commotion of the noise and headed in that direction. Not knowing what strange troubles would occur he steeled himself by perparing a spell to deal with the annoyance. He manages to get within 150 feet of the creature to identify it as an ogre.

The goliath now within 15 feet of his challenge used his brutal speak to challenge the ogre in a challenge of strength. Which turned into a wrestling match. But the ogre himself did not want to cause any harm to the town or of the puny goliath (well at least to an ogre). He just wanted to hear more of the beautiful music of the rangers. The ogre say “No” in its best common to decline the honour bound test of strength of the goliath and meandered towards the town blowing booming noise from his Ogre style woodwind.

The rangers and the frazzled dwarf took to defending themselves of the giant creature with its strange looking weapon and formed some kind of defensive stance. Lothram one of the rangers noticed that this creature did not have any ill intent and just wanted to continue on the recital of the rangers. Lothram quickly in formed the rest of the party that it just wanted to jam. Randal and Lothram were the first to befriend the ogre through music but it ended due to a misunderstanding from the wizard and bard.

As they approached, the wizard and the bard saw that the two people near the ogre were being held off the ground by their waist. This action looked to them like the ogre wasabout to eat them. Seeing that people maybe in danger the wizard went straight into action. By failing to shoot the ogre but instead blasting the nearby woods on fire. The bard not knowing what the situation was tried to investigate the situation more by moving closer and realised that the ogre was just very physical about how it showed its gratitude and it was just hoisting the two people (rangers) in glee. Then putting them down and having a concert with teh people. Seeing the true situation for what it is he too joined them. But unfortunately the wizard was still not convinced that a wild monster would have the intelligence of any besides blood shed he continued his barrage of attacks. Out of all the attacks only 2 actually hit. The goliath was just too busy still trying to get it’s attention had not notiiced that one of these projectiles had just missed him (… slightly). Upon the shots the ogre is enraged at being not shot at but for distrupting his joy with the rangers and the bard playing such melodiest music (to an ogre of course).

The ogre dropped his intrument and went to silence the disturbance. Looking around it sees the rangers, the goliath and the dwarf but not the perpetrator, so it uses its other senses. The ogre immediately finds two targets. Charges pass the goliath and peers through the window of a nearby building. A small child crosses its path and asks “What are you looking for?” but the ogre just ignores the child and barrages into the window/door and breaks down the front wall. It sees the wizard. Then asks “You hit me?” but the wizard fearing for his life just runs out the back door of the building. The ogre was now very angry picks up a chair from the house and hurls it towards the wizard. It hits the wizard before hit makes it out the door and is hinder unconcious.

Once the ogre exits the ruins of the building the goliath is there to confront it. In a challenge of strength. The ogre tries to avoid it and rejoins his newly acquired friends the rangers and the bard but is stopped by Rock the goliath. He grapples it and slams it to the ground. The ogre hits the ground hard but quickly recovers.

For the next 15 minutes, the ogre vs Rock in a strange wresttling match. The quarry men, rather than helping in taking down the beast, they just start placing bets on the match. The dwarf, Grizella tries to stop the fighting but to no avail. The rangers and the bard thinking that playing encourging music would end the match quicker starter to play a rendition of “Eye of the Tiger” and “Kung Fu Fighting” but instead of just encourging the ogre to gain the upper hand, they encourged Rock as well.

The match is then interrupted by a blast of force. By the Warlock, Apollo. Having been interrupted in both its playful music recital and the test of strength the ogre stopped its match and picked up its instrument and left the town only bidding the rangers and the bard farewell as they shared a common interest. Music.

Apollo needing the ogre teeth to complete his bargin with Nibbles continued his barrage of Eldritch Blasts. But the ogre escapes into the woods. Since everyone was enthrall in the match they had all forgotten that the woods north of the town was still a blaze and was now raging. This helped Apollo continue his pursuit of his prey. He too vanishes into the blazing inferno.

With everyone following the Tiefling rush after the ogre, the company of quarry men and adventurers try to douse the flames using shovels and what little water they could find. While this was happing the bard noticed that his friend was unconcious around the corner of a house. He went over and healed him of his injuries and explained that there was a forest fire just north of town that everyone was trying to put out. The wizard did not tell him the cause of the fire was himself. So as he would avoid trouble. He was not too eager to help as he was very tired from the encounter with the ogre. Many minutes, and hours had passed when the team had completely doused the flames and avoided the danger of getting the town caught in the fire.

Meanwhile, Apollo was still in pursuit of the ogre. The fires of the area did not affect him in the least. The ogre on the other hand had been injuried by the spellcasters shots and was being assailed by the inferno. But with every stride it increased its distance form the Warlock. Once out of the fire Apollo found that it was far easier to chase his prey even if it was gaining more and more distance. The trail was easy to follow and after a few hours he had caught up with the ogre. The ogre had somehow retrieved some game and was now in the process of cooking it. When Apollo arrived in the scene the ogre was too preoccupied with his stomach much less with anything else. Apollo not wanting to waste any more time approached the beast to try and trick it rather then have to deal with a creature of such size by himself. His plan failed of course as the ogre had no intention to be ordered around by a puny mortal.

Apollo frustrated, fired a swift barrage of Eldritch Blasts but in his argry seemed to only destroy more of the trees in the area. Having been startled again the ogre ran into a small cave just north of his fire pit. Here he found safety in numbers as this was where his other ogre companions have been resting. Apollo was again on the run, chasing his prey. Once he arrived at the entrance of the cave he used his Disguise self spell to decieve the creature to let down his guard. This plan did indeed work but now Apollo was outnumbered and out matched as he was completely exhuasted by the whole ordeal. Seeing his own demise in over extending his luck, Apollo decided to quit and head back to Red Larch to recuit some help.

Back to the north entrance of town, the fire still raged on and was slowly being dosed by the adventurers and the quarrymen alike. After a few hours of fire fighting the adventurers head out in different directions. The rangers planned to head to the crypt with the cleric, Rock decided to work in the quarry to earn some coin and the wizard and bard decided to join the rangers in whatever quest they were on.


That was the end of our session that week. One quest somewhat completed while another still pending. What will happen to the adventurers next session I wonder?

Sorry again for the delay in posts but I hope you enjoyed this session.