Princes of the Apocolypse – Part 1


Greeting all.

This session is a little different as I think it was just a one off session. The other DM of the Wednesday sessions could not make it as he was needed in Newcastle to do some stock take. As it is End of financial year and apparently also exam time for a lot of students. I decided to run this adventure just part of the campaign and since most of the players had played other roleplaying game other than D&D I was pretty sure this was going to be fun.

Some of the players well at least two of them were new to the 5th ed rules for D&D. Other players were still new to the game but at least used common sense. This post will be a little bit shorter than the others as the session only went for 1 hour but the hour was soo much fun.

Now to begin this rant, I present the players. Like many of my blog posts I try not to use peoples’ names so that I don’t discriminate against them out of my annoyance or something. I will just list their characters below.

  • Tiefling Warlock level 3 – he wanted to play it and the reason was he wanted this character to have power and was thirsty for more
  • Gnome Wizard level 2 – he had a plan but unfortunately we didn’t get far enough to have him tell me. But after the session he told me it had something to do with building a library
  • Goliath Fighter level 1 – one of my older players
  • Dwarf Cleric level 1 – she choose the domain of light rather than Life or War. She played with the scrappiest dwarven accent I’d ever heard but it was fun
  • Half – elf Ranger level – wanted to get a pet bear and gave me an interesting back story of becoming “The Ranger” that he is now.

The session begins, with the adventurers arriving in the town of Red Larch. A small outpost town west of Neverwinter and south of Triboar trail. I had the adventurers arrive in parts of town as well as different times. The player playing the Tiefling wanted to have more of a demon look, like bigger horns and wings (unusable but for appearance sake). I said yes and asked if he had been hiding them or showing them with pride. Apparently it was the latter but it was fine none the less.

Anyway I had him enter town first and he went to a tavern called the Swinging Sword where he wanted to inquire about books concerning arcane script and demon artefacts.  To get everyone’s attention he cast a spell called Thaumaturgy to make his voice an Intimidating Boom. He managed to isolate those who were worthy and spoke to them. The only creatures in that tavern were a few human miners, the barmaid and some gambling halflings.

Now which do you think the Warlock chose to speak to? The halflings of course as they weren’t listening to his commanding voice and were too busy trying to cheat in their game.

Warlock: I hear you have information on some arcane books?

Halfling leader: ‘nd wat’s it to you?

Warlock: I demand you tell me what you know or you can pay with your life!!!

DM: roll intimidate check

Warlock rolls 9 in total.

All Halflings laughs and coughs for the pain in their chest.

At this point I had the Fighter and Wizard enter town. The wizard waited for the fighter to pass to avoid danger. The fighter on the other hand went straight for the notice board in town. He check the lists for work and found one that was more interesting than the others. The details were to remove bandits from the merchants trading route. This would help the town a lot by giving them trade and supply aid. The rest of the details would be given by a Constable Harburk. Not know where this Constable was he went to the closest inn to ask for directions.

The fighter entered an establishment named “The Helm at High Sun”. Not using the conventional words the fighter just flashed the help wanted paper at everyone in the inn and grunted and pointed. It was a breathe of fresh air. It was so funny that all of us started to laugh and some of the people from the other tables also joined in. He somehow got someone to understand his barbaric nature and got directions.

The wizard on the other hand used his arcane knowledge to sense any magic in the air and follow it. This lead him to the Warlock at the Swinging Sword. Just as he enters the tavern he sees the Warlock cast a Disguise spell to look twice his height. The only to be affected by it was the Halfling leader as his lackeys were too busy collecting (and stealing) coins from other tables. But it didn’t matter to the Warlock because he got his man. He was able to squeeze the information out of him and they were told that Thelorn’s Safe Journey has what they seek. They both head in that direction before collection some books from the little gamblers.

I let the dwarf enter next since she was quite eager to cause some chaos. She approached the same inn that the fighter had just left and asked about rumours in town. This lead to the barkeep to panic and spill the beans. He told her that the town was under some terrible curse by some demonic force that gave all traveller night terrors while they slept in this town. The like cause could be anything from curses to demons and such. She asked where would be the best place to start digging up the dead. So, to speak. And this caused the barkeep to start spouting nonsense about “Minny” and the “child”. Not wanting to go without helping him she decided to cast Light ion his forehead and told him that this blessing would keep him safe. Then she left in search for clues of this “Minny” person.

Enter the ranger. He too wanted to look at the notice board and look for work. There he found a notice about helping the town by investigating some old ruins but again the rest of the details would be given to them by the Constable. On the way to search for the Constable he encounters the fighter, flashing his paper at every passer-by and grunting. Thinking he needed help he approached him and ask what was wrong.

Again some time the ranger finally figured out that the Constable was near the butcher’s shop and that the fighter was also going in the same direction. Upon entering the butcher’s the fighter slammed the paper down demanding to see the Man in charge. The butcher thought they were customers and asked if they wanted pork or chicken strips.

Realising his mistake the butcher asked them to watch the entrance of the shop and wait for a man running and snapping his fingers. A man of that description did pass by and the butcher then said “…and that’s the Constable”. The fighter impatiently dashed after the man and hoisted him up and told him to direct him to where the bandits were the Constable immediately understood and pointed straight and nudged the fighter either left or right until he was pointing in the right direction.

Now you might all be wondering “What? the Constable didn’t outrage? Why?”. Well the reason for that is I change the setting a little bit and had all the inhabitants have insomnia from lack of sleep were quite frankly going insane.

The goliath finding his bearing or at least the basic direction of the bandits, let the Constable down and started to head off. At this moment is where chaos ensued. The Warlock and Wizard were now travelling together and were walking past the cross road. The fighter seeing an enlarged demon in plain sight in the middle of the day had him raging to kill his enemy. The ranger wanting to know more about the bandits like their numbers and weapons and where was the last attack spoke to the delirious  Lawman. With abrupt snap of his fingers the Constable gave a somewhat proper report of the situation. And then suddenly all the towns people hear the roar of DEMON in the air.

That was when the ranger noticed that the fighter was charging off towards a strangely blurry image of a large demon. Weapon in hand. With a bloodlust look in his eyes. The ranger trying to resolve this situation in a peaceful manner inducts what is know to the world as “Roping”. But with a twist. The ranger finds the most solid object and ties one end to it and tries to lasso the fighter to stop him. It worked until the fighter used his brute strength to break the rope. Snapping it in two.

At this point the tiefling only wanted peace and dispel the Disguise and Cast another Disguise to look like a human. The fighter had far too much blood lust at this point to stop and just grabbed the tiefling by the head and smashed him to the ground. While this commotion was happening the cleric needed to stop the violence so as to not cause problems for the already troubled town. She cast a Command spell but it had no effect to the large goliath and she then tried to use something else to distract the fighter. Meanwhile the townsfolk still being afflicted by some unknown curse causing them to have very little sleep, simply ignored the ruckus. The children of the town thought it was some kind of festival and decided to rush over to the Tiefling who they saw as an angel (not a giant demon) and started to play with him. This caused the goliath to stop for a moment as he did not want to harm any innocent lives. The cleric worried about the children now in the frontline of the fighter’s attacks cast dancing lights to distract the children. She used the spell to change the shape into dancing unicorns or many colours (even though I purposely hinted at the fact these children were also sleep deprived and she should make demons with her spell). This was only seen by one children and had quite the opposite effect. Instead of distracting the children it scared them off. Though only one half-orc child had seen it. It was most ineffective.

The ranger at this point had the constable and they were heading towards the fight. Rather than stop the fight the constable just inquired about why a demon was here during the day. This did not interest the fighter and started to scare the children away with some loud and aggressive roars and grunts. Two of the remaining children ran off but there was still one very much clinging playfully and lovingly to the Tiefling. Once the Tiefling’s Disguise spell had again being cast the child seeing the boring looking human just went her merry way somewhat disgruntled. The fighter was now very confused when he looked at the Tiefling seeing a Human instead and ask some guidance from his god. He asked to be Smote for not killing such evil. With a successful roll, nothing happened and the story would continue. With this the Tiefling made a run for it but was caught by cleric and escorted to the house of “Minny”.

This is where they all meet up with Mhandyvver’s granddaughter Pell who was being possessed by a ghost that only wanted to be freed. The team was able to get information about where this tomb was located. The goliath fighter had no interest in this so he started to find work more to his liking by asking the constable who was rather over-interested in the goliath as a species.

This is where the session ended. What will happen next time? Who will they rescue? Will the goliath finally get his prey? Will the Tiefling get his revenge (though I have my doubts)?

Find out next week for the next instalment of this adventure. Hopefully!?

Also, sorry for the delay as I have been very busy lately…


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