My Gaming Exp – 3


Welcome back to another Dungeons and Dragons Wednesday session with my crew. This week the party enters the crypt and begins their exploration of these catacombs. The crew again changed. The two new players are using level 3 characters. One a Ranger (melee type) and the other a cleric (life domain).

This is what transpired. The only ones from the crew last week are the level 3 Fighter and level 3 Paladin. The other players were out due to exams. Anyway let’s get back to the adventure. Having dealt with some of the undead roaming around underground. The team push forward. But this took quite some time as the Fighter and the Paladin were arguing about whether to move forward or to head back outside to rest and rejuvenated.

While arguing their guide, the young acolyte of Kelemvor Cassisy is alerted by the fact that more skeletons kept appearing. The fighter instantly rushed over to her and start the assault. The Paladin continued to argue even though the situation was very simple. They were trapped. Zombies coming from the back and Skeletons in the front. Since there was less enemies in the front they pushed forward. It took them a while to push as far as the 3rd and 4th room.

The attacks from the undead were increasing in number and ferocity. Zombies randomly popping up, skeletons rising from the bones of the dead and vicious ghouls feasting on human flesh. With the strength of the Fighter and the Divine Favour of the Paladin. The two were able to dispatch the monsters.

The acolyte Cassisy had heard cries from the other room further in, into room 5. In that room they found another ghoul and a few zombies. The ghoul was feasting on some human flesh. During this discovery, the cleric woke up tied up in a corner of the room without his weapons or armour. He cast a light spell and was able to find where he placed unfortunately there was a zombie in the way. He also noticed that there was a girl and an old man tied up as well. He freed himself with some skill and strength. Once free, he quickly freed the girl and rushed towards his weapons.

The Ranger took some time to wake, so she wasn’t much help when the party with dealing with the ghoul and zombies. The monsters were then dispatched, just after she woke but then a strange ghost appeared. The fighter was just resting and bandaging himself when it appeared so he was preoccupied. The Paladin had gone back to help Cassisy from the hole she fell into, luckily she was uninjured. Cassisy did complain a lot which attracted undead to deal with and was again scared off into the room further in (room 5). The cleric was perplexed about the creature. But since his insight told him that this was unnatural, he pressed an attack that was not even necessary.

The Ranger seeing this also joined the melee. Soon after, the fight ended. The victor was neither side as both sides of this conflict were both badly injured. The ghost vanished and the crew were yet again in need of reinforcing their flank from the zombies and skeletons Cassisy had alerted.

The party was heavily unprepared. The monsters having no sense of the exact location continued to roam.


This session was much longer than usual but describing the hits and misses are somewhat boring. So with this I must end it rather quickly. What will the crew do? How will they overcome the overwhelming number of enemies? Who is the old man? Why is he here? And where are the villagers?



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