My gaming EXP – 2



Wednesday session D&D, this week we have the team find two other adventurers to join this band of misfits. A Barbarian and a Druid join the fray. Though it was still very unclear to me the DM what they wanted to do. Last week we had them in the mist of danger shrouded in an undead army. All clues seem to point underground but the adventurers did not seem to make the connection.

I, the DM did not want a TPK (Total Party Kill) since most of these players were still very new to the game. I also did not want them to have a Free ride of spoils and make the situation a walk in the park. So I had them “lead” to the temple of Kelemvor (the god of death and peace). That was my plan anyway but the players had their own priority and did whatever they wanted.

They split up??? (The DM sighs).

At the beginning of the session, I did a recap on what had happened in the previous week. The Level 3 Fighter, Level 1 Fighter, and the Level 2 Bard were in the library. The Level 3 Paladin was in the graveyard mourning the death of the wizard before looting the corpse. Meanwhile the Barbarian and the Druid entered the now empty/deserted town. The Barbarian entered from the front gate, while the Druid entered by the still in need of repair wharf at the docks.

This is what ensued. The Barbarian seeking adventure tried her hardest to find townsfolk to aid or just look for work (something in the lines of fighting, smashing and bashing things). But failed to find anyone (Well that was to be expected since all the townsfolk were captured). She wandered the streets desperately looking for anyone and finally found someone. But she was expecting to find living people, instead she was ambushed by some skeletons (3 of them). This Barbarian was different from most and instead of fighting them all by herself she cowardly ran for it (hey now what kind of fierce warrior are you…). The undead foes only notice her since she caused a ruckus by upturning several barrels and other refuse along her retreat. This Barbarian ran as fast as she could but to no avail (as she got lost in town and was cornered in an alleyway). With fear in her mind she violently attacked using her barbarian’s rage to assist her. The fight was over in a flash. She did not understand why because she only managed to defeat one of the three (the Level 1 fighter was in the same alleyway “salvaging” items and had heard the commotion and vanquished the other two)… After the combat she finds the fighter and she voluntarily joins him.

Meanwhile the Druid, just arrives on the docks, expecting the hustle and bustle of a busy town when he is greeted with complete silence. Thinking that there must be something up, like a small fair or a market sale he wonders the town heading towards the marketplace. As he arrives in the marketplace it is completely empty. Now you might think this was a great time to steal the town but almost all of the shops and stalls had been ransacked. The Druid not thinking of some common sense, like investigating the silence decided to look for a nice inn to rest at?

The main party had just missed siting the Druid and both had missed each other. Considering how quiet the town was and that they were the only ones left in town making sounds and the like. The main party looked for the safest place to rest for the night so that they could be refreshed for the battle of tomorrow. They figure out that anywhere away from town or maybe some temple would be best to rest in. They head to towards the closest temple (towards the graveyard with a temple dedicated to the god of death and eternal rest). Once they arrive they meet up with a Paladin looting a Wizard for her wealth. The Druid on the other hand found the South temple of Pelor, the goddess of light and life, but it seems that there was no one there, so continued to search for citizens of this somewhat abandoned town. He finally finds the Barbarian, and the Fighter and decides to tail them rather than just introduce himself and maybe find out more of what had happened here in town.

It took 2 hours for the Barbarian to even sense the Druid while it only took the Fighter to simply look back to see that they were being followed. The Barbarian was somewhat startled but they talked it out without any conflict. The Fighter leads the two towards the safest place in town, the Temple in the graveyard.

Once they arrive they find that the others were in the temple consulting with the priests and young acolytes for room and board. The Paladin was speaking to the other head priest about the “missing” priest that was dragged into the crypt, just a few moments ago. Unfortunately the other priests were not even aware of Doomguide being missing as he should be outside tending to the graveyard, cleaning and maintaining the gravestones and paying respects to the dead. The Paladin argued for hours to get more information but could not find any. The priests offered up free room and board so long as they pay a small tribute to the temple.

The Paladin was the only one that decided to respect this form of offering and paid 3 silver pieces. The Level 2 Fighter decided to sleep under a church long chair and scoff at the priests. The Level 3 Fighter wanted to butt some more heads and decided to head back in town to despatch some more of the undead pests. The Druid accompanied the Fighter in town and the Barbarian and the Bard chose to use the temple accommodations. The Barbarian went straight to sleep in the acolyte common room while the Bard went to the head priest’s sleeping quarters to steal from the already generous priests.

The Bard not having any kind of common sense went into the chamber without a light source such as a torch to stealthily sneak up on the sleeping cleric and loot all of his worldly belongings. Entering the room he stumbles and bumps into many obstacles, making a loud racket in the room and the adjacent common room. Thinking no one had heard his clumsiness (rolling a 3 on his insight check and rolling a 6 on his intelligence check with a -2 resulting in a check of 4) he chooses to raid the desk he finds in the room. With much searching and investigating, he finds nothing of value in or on the desk as it was a writing desk and the only thing of valve was the paper. He is then alerted by the sudden dim light projecting shadows on his back and a soft voice, telling him “young man, what are you doing?” The Bard responded with violence. Failed violence but the priest still being kind and very much subdued from exhaustion, offered the Bard to sleep in the common room. Thinking he had more of an advantage he attacks again but the priest simply turned around and went back to sleep. Missing the priest with yet another unarmed strike, he decides to sleep at the desk of the priest’s room rather than the common room with the vacant bedrolls.

The Fighter and the Druid fail to find any kind of danger and had decided to head back to the temple for some rest.


In the morning of the next day the crew made peace with their respective gods and faiths, then headed out to fetch some breakfast. Those with rations ate them and those without went to the local fruit farm to pick some ripe fruit. The Bard, the Barbarian and the Level 2 Fighter went to the fruit farm.

At the fruit farm the team was stopped by a very upset Halfling. The little man refused to provide any fruits to the Fighter as he had early ruined one of the young saplings, the day before. The Bard and the Barbarian lied to the Halfling saying that they were new acolytes of the temple and were able to acquire their needed breakfast with a few extras. Not getting any to the fruit the Fighter asked the others for some of their fruit. The Bard refused and the Barbarian agreed to sell it to him for 1 gold piece per fruit (a complete rip off ), he bought 5 pieces of fruit after arguing that the price was way too unfair (failing two negotiations meaning getting lower in the rolls for the Persuasion VS. Insight battle).

Once the group was again altogether, they had all decided to head towards the crypts to rescue the captured old man. As the group arrived, at the crypt they meet up with a very know-it-all young cleric of Kelemvor. She told them that if they wanted to go down into the crypts she would guide them and warned them not to steal any found treasures or items in the place as it was a sacred and historic place to her faith.

The adventurers agreed (specially the Level 3 Fighter) they are then guided down to the first room and the small banquet hall and the hall of ancients but awaiting them there was an ambush.


That is the end of this week’s session, with new heroes entering the fray and finally a goal to achieve among the group. What will happen next? What has attacked them? Will they find the head priest Doomguide? Or will they fail?

Tune in next time for next week’s Dungeons and Dragons Encounters.



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