My Gaming Exp – 3


Welcome back to another Dungeons and Dragons Wednesday session with my crew. This week the party enters the crypt and begins their exploration of these catacombs. The crew again changed. The two new players are using level 3 characters. One a Ranger (melee type) and the other a cleric (life domain).

This is what transpired. The only ones from the crew last week are the level 3 Fighter and level 3 Paladin. The other players were out due to exams. Anyway let’s get back to the adventure. Having dealt with some of the undead roaming around underground. The team push forward. But this took quite some time as the Fighter and the Paladin were arguing about whether to move forward or to head back outside to rest and rejuvenated.

While arguing their guide, the young acolyte of Kelemvor Cassisy is alerted by the fact that more skeletons kept appearing. The fighter instantly rushed over to her and start the assault. The Paladin continued to argue even though the situation was very simple. They were trapped. Zombies coming from the back and Skeletons in the front. Since there was less enemies in the front they pushed forward. It took them a while to push as far as the 3rd and 4th room.

The attacks from the undead were increasing in number and ferocity. Zombies randomly popping up, skeletons rising from the bones of the dead and vicious ghouls feasting on human flesh. With the strength of the Fighter and the Divine Favour of the Paladin. The two were able to dispatch the monsters.

The acolyte Cassisy had heard cries from the other room further in, into room 5. In that room they found another ghoul and a few zombies. The ghoul was feasting on some human flesh. During this discovery, the cleric woke up tied up in a corner of the room without his weapons or armour. He cast a light spell and was able to find where he placed unfortunately there was a zombie in the way. He also noticed that there was a girl and an old man tied up as well. He freed himself with some skill and strength. Once free, he quickly freed the girl and rushed towards his weapons.

The Ranger took some time to wake, so she wasn’t much help when the party with dealing with the ghoul and zombies. The monsters were then dispatched, just after she woke but then a strange ghost appeared. The fighter was just resting and bandaging himself when it appeared so he was preoccupied. The Paladin had gone back to help Cassisy from the hole she fell into, luckily she was uninjured. Cassisy did complain a lot which attracted undead to deal with and was again scared off into the room further in (room 5). The cleric was perplexed about the creature. But since his insight told him that this was unnatural, he pressed an attack that was not even necessary.

The Ranger seeing this also joined the melee. Soon after, the fight ended. The victor was neither side as both sides of this conflict were both badly injured. The ghost vanished and the crew were yet again in need of reinforcing their flank from the zombies and skeletons Cassisy had alerted.

The party was heavily unprepared. The monsters having no sense of the exact location continued to roam.


This session was much longer than usual but describing the hits and misses are somewhat boring. So with this I must end it rather quickly. What will the crew do? How will they overcome the overwhelming number of enemies? Who is the old man? Why is he here? And where are the villagers?



Marvel Legendary (Dan dant daaaaan)

Marvel Legendary
Marvel Legendary is a card game that revolves around “building decks”. If you know of any kind of Trading Card Game (TCG) and Collectible Card Game (CCG) such as Magic the Gathering (MTG or Magic) or Pokémon or Yugioh (in my opinion, though it was my first TCG this game is for rich kids) you will have experienced building that one deck to play the game only to be crushed by either a more experienced player or by some kind of strategy unbeknownst to you.

Marvel Legendary is not a TCG or a CCG but a card game with set cards that can interchange as you play. The game itself is about being recruiters of many of the Marvel super heroes in the comics, to build a team to battle out the villains and a mastermind that wreaks havoc of the city and its citizens.

In the main game or the base game, the heroes are Ironman, Thor, Nick Fury, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Cyclops, Black Widow, Rogue, Storm, Emma Frost, Deadpool, and Gambit.

The Villain teams are Hydra, Spider Foes, Brotherhood, Radiation, Skrulls, Emissaries of Evil, Masters of Evil, and Enemies of Asgard. (I’m not sure if they are all from the base set as I have mixed most of mine through much playthroughs, about 50 times. So I apologise if they are wrong)

The Masterminds include Loki, Red Skull, Magneto, and Dr. Doom.

Now that I have told you about the good guys and bad guys, there are also cards call Scheme Twists (or Twists for short). These cards give a lot more theme in each game and they are the scenarios that the heroes have gone through (in comics or cartoons). I like this aspect of the game because it makes every game different. The goals and the lose condition are changed.


You can re-enact classic scenarios like X-men vs Magneto and his Brotherhood. Have Spiderman fight off his counter parts like green goblin or even Dr Oct. Or just have Thor vs Loki in a battle of Supremacy. But the scheme twist will give the game extra flavour. Like having obstacles to overcome while dealing with the Mastermind. In the base game there is at least 300 hours of replayability and at least 40 different combinations to mix and match. Like X-men vs Red Skull or Avengers vs Magneto.


Now then, the deck building style of this game is very simple. There are two types of currencies in this game, Honour points (represented by a star) and Power points (represented by three slashes). They are used to acquire heroes or defeat villains respectively (though in later expansions this can be changed). To acquire heroes or defeat villains, you must have the required cost in hand to do so.


If you draw a hand that has 5 honour points and 1 power point, and in the HQ there are heroes of two spiderman of cost 2, a hulk of cost 4, an Ironman of cost 3, and a Thor of cost 6. You are able to acquire both spiderman cards. At a total cost of 4 or a spiderman card and an Ironman card at a total cost of 5. But not a Thor card as it exceeds your available honour points. This is similiar to defeating villains.

Now here the great thing about this game. When it is your turn to acquire heroes you can get as many card as you can afford instead of just one card every turn. This is the same for defeating villains so you can clean the city in one swoop if you wanted. The setup for the game depends on the number of players.

Legendary – game setup

Once everything is setup, the game can begin. On your turn, you will first need to shuffle your basic set of cards given to you (4 slashing guys and 8 honour guys), then draw 6 cards from that deck. Your starting hand can be any of these combinations 4S & 2H, 3S & 3H, 2S & 4H (very common), 1S & 5H, or 0S & 6H (very rare). This will depict what you can do. Then the villain deck will either provide a villain to defeat (it usually this since about 80% of the deck are just villains, otherwise you are just unlucky), a twist to create chaos, a bystander will be taken hostage, or a master strike will cause the mastermind to attack.

You take your turn by playing cards in your hand to acquiring heroes from the HQ if you have enough Honour to get them or defeat a villains or the mastermind with Power for victory points (the victory points are for more competitive players as this game is advised to be played as a co-operative game). Once you have acquired your heroes, make sure to add them to your discard pile as well as the cards that you have or haven’t played into the discard pile. You the draw a new hand of 6 cards and pass to the next player.

Now at this point you may be wondering “why do I put my newly acquired heroes in my discard pile instead of my hand? or what happens to villains when I defeat them?” The first question can be answered like this: the reason for this is part of the deck building mechanic of the game where you will be building a deck over the course of the game by adding new cards to your deck to improve it. Your 1st and 2nd hand will just be basic cards, but your 3rd, 4th, 5th, nth hand will have the cards that you acquired the previous turns. This will make your deck more powerful in defeating the villains wreaking havoc in the city.

The 2nd question can be answer like this: You put defeated enemies in your victory points pile. This pile does not go into your deck as these cards are placed in your “jail or gaol”. They are not relevant in the game (unless you are playing with Hydra villains) as they are just points.


Now for my gaming experience and opinion of this game.

I played this game with my friends Jon, Evil, and Caps. I will first explain what kind of gamers they are and what scenario we played.

Jon (he was a new magic player at the time) is the naive type gamer that tries to help others but then switches to screwing with others by taking a card that someone else wants or needs.

Evil (at least 5 years of playing magic) is a power player that just gets the cards with the most attack power regardless of what the consequences are.

Caps (Ex-magic player, so he is a veteran) is like me, a heavy strategic and hater type. This means that he gets cards that some else will need, but also makes use of it in his strategy. But he hate picks more.

I (Ex-magic player, was a judge once so i used to be a veteran) am more in the strategic side of things rather than just taking a card that doesn’t work with my combo.

We played two games. The 1st was a warm up game (even though it was still on hard mode) and the 2nd game was the hard hardest game we ever played. My friends and I never just pick Heroes we like but pick random ones. In the first game we were versing Loki, using the legacy virus scheme twist. The Heroes were a bit random and managed to choose the Hulk, Spiderman, Wolverine, Nick Fury, and Rogue. In the second game we choose the Heroes (Evil suggested that all the Heroes be “dem hot b!tch3s” his words, so we used are random set of the female Heroes) Black Widow, Jean grey, Rogue, Invisible woman, and Spider Woman.

The setup for the first game has 3 different villain groups (sorry but i can’t remember them at all as we picked at random from all sets) the Doombot henchmen, and Hand ninjas henchmen, plus 5 master strikes and 13 twists (normally it would be 8 twists but we always play hard mode, it makes the game more intense and somewhat more exciting), and 8 bystanders (some of them had ability triggers when you rescued them but all of them are worth 1 victory point). Once the 2 decks were shuffled we rolled a dice to decide who went first, then we continued by going clockwise.

Now before I explain what happened in this game I need to explain the scheme twist scenario. The setup includes 8 twists in the villain deck and a stack of 6 wounds per player. This part is important as it will be a condition that decides whether the heroes win or lose. Evil wins (condition) if the wound stack runs out. So all in all there was only 24 wounds for the whole game. Wound cards do nothing in your deck but make it inconsistent by making you have a card that does nothing when you have it. There are many ways to remove wound cards but they all rely on the wound cards being in your hand at the time or in your discard pile. The main way to remove wound cards is to pass your turn. Meaning you must not defeat villain(s) or acquire new heroes on that turn and you will be able to “heal” from your wounds, i.e. remove all wounds from your hand and return them to the stack.

Unfortunately, the scheme scenario plays like this. Whenever a twist is revealed from the villain deck, each player may reveal a “Chip” Hero or gain a wound. With 13 scheme twists in the deck it was more likely to happen. Likely we had Heroes like Spiderman and Nick Fury that have these “Chip” symbols on their card.

Now we start the game with Evil (rolled a 17) starting, then Caps (rolled a 9), then Jon (rolled a 5), and last me (rolled a 2, by the way we were using a d20 [d20 = short for a 20-sided die] to decide who went first). Anyway the HQ had 2 spiderman cards, 1 Nick Fury card, 1 Hulk card, and 1 Rogue card. Jon’s first villain was a Doombot henchman with a power of 3. His hand was all Honour (6 honour or “buy” for short). He bought the Rogue card. She has the ability to copy another card that has be played, retaining its original symbols and adding the copied card’s effect as well as it’s symbol. This cost him 5 honour and when the next hero came out it cost 3 (a Wolverine card). He passed.

Caps had 5 to buy with and 1 to attack with and his villain card was a hydra villain that makes you draw more villain cards from the deck. He got 2 Wolverine cards, a 3 cost and a 2 cost. The 2 cost came out right after the 3 cost. Then he passes.

Jon then takes his turn with 3 to buy and 3 to attack. A bystander is reveal from the villain deck and is captured by the right-most villain in the city. The Hydra guy. He beats up on the Doombot is able to remove one of his starter cards to thin his deck (making it more effective in winning the game) and buys a Maria Hill card (she is a common card that provides 2 honour points when play, it is much better than a starter card that only produces 1 honour point). Then he passes his turn.

On my turn, something happens that makes the game mush quicker. A master strike appears. Whenever a master strike appears from the villain deck you must do the masterminds effect. Loki’s is Each player reveals a “punch” card or gains a wound card. At the start of the game no one has these cards as we all start with just the basic cards. So in turn everyone gained a wound in their respective discard piles and I bought 2 spiderman card each cost 2 honour points (all spiderman cards costs 2 honour points and have a similar effect: Reveal the top card of your deck, if it costs 2 or less draw it). My hand was 4 honour and 2 power if you didn’t figure that out. So my next hand was also 4 & 2.

Now that was the first round. It was pretty much the same for the next 2 rounds where the guys were getting good hands and building up a better deck and on my turn bad stuff happened.

On the 4th round on the other hand was when a lot of sh!t hit the fan. It started with Jon’s turn. The city was clear except for a hydra guy that draws 2 more villain cards when defeated. On the villain reveal, it was one of the many twists. Everyone but me had the “chip” card. at this point in the game there was still 20 wounds. Jon played 2 Hulk hero card that gave wounds each time it was played but the card had 4 Power (total = 8 Power) some other Hulk cards that removed wound cards to gain extra power. Hulk of 2 power plus 2 bonus power. At that moment he had 12 power not enough to beat hard mode Loki of 14 Power (normally at 9 Power) so Jon went for the 4 power villain. The result was not favourable. It revealed another Hydra villain that plays the next 2 cards after it is defeated and a Streets of New York villain that make you discard 3 cards and then makes you draw 2 in compensation (man that ruined my combo). Then he defeated another Hydra guy. We told him not to since there was about 13 wounds left. But he did it anyway. 2 twists came out. I was not affected but that meant that there was only 7 wounds left and if it runs out we lose. He passes his turn.

On my turn, a master strike appeared. It gave all of us a wound each. At that point there was only 3 wounds left in the pile, at this point I decided to defeat as many villains and the mastermind at least once. I knew that we were going to lose since the wounds pile was about to run out. I made sure that I would no longer acquire more heroes. I passed my turn.

On Evil’s turn a villain appeared that gave a wound if we don’t should a yellow (sense) card. Luckily everyone except me had the card and I was the only one to gain the wound. There was now only 2 wounds in the pile. He played a Hulk that removed wounds from the discard pile to gain +2 attack power. He then used Rogue twice that and copied the Hulk twice. With enough power he was able to defeat the mastermind once. One more time and we would win. But alas that was not the case.

On Caps’ turn he revealed a twist, which gave everyone a wound. There were 5 wounds left from the pile (whenever a wound card is removed it is sent back to the pile) passed his turn after getting a 7 cost hero.

Now on Jon’s turn was the last turn. He forgot the amount of wound cards left in the pile and played his hulk card twice and we lose the game the villain that came out was just a Doombot (a pleb). He figured that after he removes some of the wounds in his discard pile would have been able to continue the game. But he forgot that he needed to draw a card and therefore ended the game. We lost but we still counted the victory points and the winner was Caps with 3 points more than me (33 points in total).



Game 2 – The Girls vs Galactus



In this game we started with me and Evil and Caps changed seats. Now I will tell you the important abilities of certain cards. I’m just gonna list them below so that it is easier to explain my experience, otherwise this blog will be more like an essay.

Galactus Master strike effect: destroy the left most city space and place the master strike on the space face down.

Cosmic Threat effect: Allows a player to lower the Attack value of an enemy (whether it is Mastermind or Villain) by 3 times the number of indicated symbols on the associated Cosmica Threat. In Galactus’ case when you use Cosmic Threat you can only use one symbol per turn. So if you have 3 green punch (Power symbol) card in play Galactus will have his attack power reduced to 11 (20 – (3×3=9)). If you defeat Galactus when his power level is reduced his power level will reset back to 20 and green punch cards can not be used in the same turn.

Note: The power level of an enemy (villain or mastermind) can only be reduced to a minimum of 0 (it can never go below into the negatives).

Scheme Twist effect : When a twist is revealed KO heroes from the HQ space whose cost is equal to or less than the number of twists placed on the side. Therefore the first twist will remove heroes that cost 1 or 0. The second will remove 2 or less and so on.

Evil (not my friend but the mastermind = Galactus) Wins: The whole city is destroyed or when 20 non-grey heroes are KO’d.

Very Important Rule: whenever a villain escapes the city the active player must KO a hero from the HQ.

The symbols are shown on the Galactus Card under the Cosmic Threat ability:

  • Green punch = Power symbol
  • Yellow scratches = Sense symbol
  • Red recycle = Covert symbol
  • Grey chip = Chip symbol
  • Blue X = Targeting symbol

This game only lasted about 30 minutes tops.

We haven’t played this game as a co-operative game since it first came out. So this is how the game went. I again did not start. Caps started so with the change of sitting I was still last. I was being optimistic in defeating the scenario. I had beaten the scenario before with a different setup but then again the players were far nicer and more cooperative.

Caps went first and a little Doombot came out. He had 3H and 3P so it was good for him. He acquired a Maria Hill which is essentially upgrading the one he removed. He passed his turn.

Evil’s turn was much the same but instead of a Doombot henchman it was a Savage Mutant, which allows the player to draw an extra card for his next turn. He also got a Maria Hill (and we egged him that he was just copying Caps). He passed his turn.

Jon had a better hand and was able to get a Rogue of cost 5. The enemy that came out was one of Galactus’ minions (the red one with a power level of 9). It had a cosmic threat of a red recycle symbol (Covert symbol).

My gaming EXP – 2



Wednesday session D&D, this week we have the team find two other adventurers to join this band of misfits. A Barbarian and a Druid join the fray. Though it was still very unclear to me the DM what they wanted to do. Last week we had them in the mist of danger shrouded in an undead army. All clues seem to point underground but the adventurers did not seem to make the connection.

I, the DM did not want a TPK (Total Party Kill) since most of these players were still very new to the game. I also did not want them to have a Free ride of spoils and make the situation a walk in the park. So I had them “lead” to the temple of Kelemvor (the god of death and peace). That was my plan anyway but the players had their own priority and did whatever they wanted.

They split up??? (The DM sighs).

At the beginning of the session, I did a recap on what had happened in the previous week. The Level 3 Fighter, Level 1 Fighter, and the Level 2 Bard were in the library. The Level 3 Paladin was in the graveyard mourning the death of the wizard before looting the corpse. Meanwhile the Barbarian and the Druid entered the now empty/deserted town. The Barbarian entered from the front gate, while the Druid entered by the still in need of repair wharf at the docks.

This is what ensued. The Barbarian seeking adventure tried her hardest to find townsfolk to aid or just look for work (something in the lines of fighting, smashing and bashing things). But failed to find anyone (Well that was to be expected since all the townsfolk were captured). She wandered the streets desperately looking for anyone and finally found someone. But she was expecting to find living people, instead she was ambushed by some skeletons (3 of them). This Barbarian was different from most and instead of fighting them all by herself she cowardly ran for it (hey now what kind of fierce warrior are you…). The undead foes only notice her since she caused a ruckus by upturning several barrels and other refuse along her retreat. This Barbarian ran as fast as she could but to no avail (as she got lost in town and was cornered in an alleyway). With fear in her mind she violently attacked using her barbarian’s rage to assist her. The fight was over in a flash. She did not understand why because she only managed to defeat one of the three (the Level 1 fighter was in the same alleyway “salvaging” items and had heard the commotion and vanquished the other two)… After the combat she finds the fighter and she voluntarily joins him.

Meanwhile the Druid, just arrives on the docks, expecting the hustle and bustle of a busy town when he is greeted with complete silence. Thinking that there must be something up, like a small fair or a market sale he wonders the town heading towards the marketplace. As he arrives in the marketplace it is completely empty. Now you might think this was a great time to steal the town but almost all of the shops and stalls had been ransacked. The Druid not thinking of some common sense, like investigating the silence decided to look for a nice inn to rest at?

The main party had just missed siting the Druid and both had missed each other. Considering how quiet the town was and that they were the only ones left in town making sounds and the like. The main party looked for the safest place to rest for the night so that they could be refreshed for the battle of tomorrow. They figure out that anywhere away from town or maybe some temple would be best to rest in. They head to towards the closest temple (towards the graveyard with a temple dedicated to the god of death and eternal rest). Once they arrive they meet up with a Paladin looting a Wizard for her wealth. The Druid on the other hand found the South temple of Pelor, the goddess of light and life, but it seems that there was no one there, so continued to search for citizens of this somewhat abandoned town. He finally finds the Barbarian, and the Fighter and decides to tail them rather than just introduce himself and maybe find out more of what had happened here in town.

It took 2 hours for the Barbarian to even sense the Druid while it only took the Fighter to simply look back to see that they were being followed. The Barbarian was somewhat startled but they talked it out without any conflict. The Fighter leads the two towards the safest place in town, the Temple in the graveyard.

Once they arrive they find that the others were in the temple consulting with the priests and young acolytes for room and board. The Paladin was speaking to the other head priest about the “missing” priest that was dragged into the crypt, just a few moments ago. Unfortunately the other priests were not even aware of Doomguide being missing as he should be outside tending to the graveyard, cleaning and maintaining the gravestones and paying respects to the dead. The Paladin argued for hours to get more information but could not find any. The priests offered up free room and board so long as they pay a small tribute to the temple.

The Paladin was the only one that decided to respect this form of offering and paid 3 silver pieces. The Level 2 Fighter decided to sleep under a church long chair and scoff at the priests. The Level 3 Fighter wanted to butt some more heads and decided to head back in town to despatch some more of the undead pests. The Druid accompanied the Fighter in town and the Barbarian and the Bard chose to use the temple accommodations. The Barbarian went straight to sleep in the acolyte common room while the Bard went to the head priest’s sleeping quarters to steal from the already generous priests.

The Bard not having any kind of common sense went into the chamber without a light source such as a torch to stealthily sneak up on the sleeping cleric and loot all of his worldly belongings. Entering the room he stumbles and bumps into many obstacles, making a loud racket in the room and the adjacent common room. Thinking no one had heard his clumsiness (rolling a 3 on his insight check and rolling a 6 on his intelligence check with a -2 resulting in a check of 4) he chooses to raid the desk he finds in the room. With much searching and investigating, he finds nothing of value in or on the desk as it was a writing desk and the only thing of valve was the paper. He is then alerted by the sudden dim light projecting shadows on his back and a soft voice, telling him “young man, what are you doing?” The Bard responded with violence. Failed violence but the priest still being kind and very much subdued from exhaustion, offered the Bard to sleep in the common room. Thinking he had more of an advantage he attacks again but the priest simply turned around and went back to sleep. Missing the priest with yet another unarmed strike, he decides to sleep at the desk of the priest’s room rather than the common room with the vacant bedrolls.

The Fighter and the Druid fail to find any kind of danger and had decided to head back to the temple for some rest.


In the morning of the next day the crew made peace with their respective gods and faiths, then headed out to fetch some breakfast. Those with rations ate them and those without went to the local fruit farm to pick some ripe fruit. The Bard, the Barbarian and the Level 2 Fighter went to the fruit farm.

At the fruit farm the team was stopped by a very upset Halfling. The little man refused to provide any fruits to the Fighter as he had early ruined one of the young saplings, the day before. The Bard and the Barbarian lied to the Halfling saying that they were new acolytes of the temple and were able to acquire their needed breakfast with a few extras. Not getting any to the fruit the Fighter asked the others for some of their fruit. The Bard refused and the Barbarian agreed to sell it to him for 1 gold piece per fruit (a complete rip off ), he bought 5 pieces of fruit after arguing that the price was way too unfair (failing two negotiations meaning getting lower in the rolls for the Persuasion VS. Insight battle).

Once the group was again altogether, they had all decided to head towards the crypts to rescue the captured old man. As the group arrived, at the crypt they meet up with a very know-it-all young cleric of Kelemvor. She told them that if they wanted to go down into the crypts she would guide them and warned them not to steal any found treasures or items in the place as it was a sacred and historic place to her faith.

The adventurers agreed (specially the Level 3 Fighter) they are then guided down to the first room and the small banquet hall and the hall of ancients but awaiting them there was an ambush.


That is the end of this week’s session, with new heroes entering the fray and finally a goal to achieve among the group. What will happen next? What has attacked them? Will they find the head priest Doomguide? Or will they fail?

Tune in next time for next week’s Dungeons and Dragons Encounters.


The endless stories of Arabian Nights

Tales of the Arabian Nights

This game I will be talking about is call Tales of Arabian Nights. in this game players must travel along the board and encounter a variety of people and obstacles and challenges. Once a player has encountered something they are given a choice or an action among the list depending on the encounter. the choices are all very simple but the conclusion of the turn can become a very interesting tale.

My friends and I played perhaps half of the game only to stop due to time constraints of the shop we needed to end the game prematurely. But the experience of the game is always memorable.

This game can play with 2 to 6 players. With 6 different characters from the many tale of the actual book of Tales of the Arabian nights, such as Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sindbad, Scheherazade, Zumurrud and Ma’aruf.

The objective of the (short) game is to obtain a certain amount of Story points and Destiny points. In the short game we have set the Story points and Destiny points at 5 each. In the full game (where it could take possibly 8+ hours to play) players have a choice to make their Destiny and Story points equal 20. For example Story points = 8 and Destiny points = 12. But unfortunately the full game takes forever and not everyone has 8+ hours to burn. You then need to choice 3 Skills (All skills are list below). Once a player has reached their goal of Destiny and Story points and return to Baghdad they win the game (I have only ever won the game once out of eleven games most of the time I am stuck in the desert or stuck on an insland imprisoned by whatever captured me).

  • Acting & Disguise
  • Appearance
  • Bargaining & Evaluation
  • Beguilling
  • Courtly Graces
  • Enduring Hardship
  • Luck
  • Magic
  • Piety
  • Quick Thinking
  • Scholarship
  • Seamanship
  • Seduction
  • Stealth & Stealing
  • Storytelling
  • Weapon Use
  • Wilderness Lore
  • Wisdom.

Anyway in this game my friends Caps, Evil, Dean and I played a 3 hour game of arabian nights. We played a practise game of it for about 40 mins but my friends wanted a redo or mullegan as they were complaining about not knowing what were the best skills. The problem is most of the skills are not what you think they really are.

For example Magic is not for attacking, Weapon Use is not for attacking but Quick Thinking is used for attacking or defending? Luck isn’t in every encounter and Seamanship is not always useful out at sea. Yeah its really weird. But the origin of the game is from the original tales, so that could be one of the thematic reasons to it.

My friend Caps played Ali baba with Acting & Disguise, Quick Thinking and Luck. Evil was played Sindbad with Seamanship, Wilderness Lore and Weapon Use. Dean played Aladdin with Magic, Bguiling and Luck. I played Scheherazade (because her character colour is green) with Seduction, Wisdom and Beguilling. The game starts with everyone great a quest to push them into a destination to reap whatever the reward may be (even though most quests are never completed due to certain circumstances). I went first since I was the one who owned the game (we rolled dice and i rolled high). So my first move headed me towards my quest. heading towards rome as my friends thought it would be funny if I had to travel from both ends of the board to complete my quest (what a buch of trolls). Anyway my first encounter was with a “Friendly Efreet” my choices were to:

  • Attack
  • Aid
  • Rob
  • Avoid
  • Barter
  • Honour
  • Court
  • Abduct or
  • Hire

So since it was friendly i decided to Honour it. The resulting story was told and i was asked if I had the required skill(s) to pass (gain a reward) or fail (gain my reward?/consequence maybe). i ofcourse did not have Wilderness Lore since it was just the start of the game and the Efreet was angered and I became Ensorcelled.

Ensorcelled “You have been put under a spell. Your feet seem to betray your wishes, as you find yourself traveling at another’s whim.” – Effect: Each turn another player of your choice decides where to move your (character) piece. To lose: A the end of your turn, you nad the player who moved your piece roll 1 die wach. If you roll higher, you lose the status. If you roll equal or lower the other player, you remain Ensorcelled.

With such a detrimental effect i never arrived at my quest area the entire game. I just wondered around the board doing random encounters. But Atfer my first turn, it was Evil’s turn (going clockwise around the table). Evil being Sinbad decided to travel to the sea. His encounter was with an elephant and on top of that elephant there was a Crafty Barber? His choices were:

  • Grovel
  • Aid
  • Rob
  • Avoid
  • Converse
  • Attack
  • Court
  • Abduct
  • Honour

And do you know what he chose? It was Rob. His story was told and you know what he also didn’t have the skill (Wisdom) required to pass the encounter for greater reward. His reward was a few story and destiny points and a treasure. I was like huh what the heck? and in my mind I was like ok maybe he was just lucky. Next turn should be different.

Next up was Caps playing Ali Baba, he encountered a “Lovestruck Hag” and his choices were:

  • Punish
  • Aid
  • Rob
  • Question
  • Attack
  • Abduct
  • Buy (slave)
  • Hire

He chose to Punish the Hag. Unlike Evil, Caps was successful in the required skill (Quick Thinking). I was like this is so BS. But once the rest of the story and “reward” was dished out all of us around the table were laughing so hard. Caps was awarded with only a few story points and was now also being “Pursued” by the one he Punished.

Pursued “Due to your great fortune or other wonderful attributes, you have a jealous foe who would like nothing so much as to see you hurled to the bottom of a well” – Effect: When you gain the Pursued status, you will be told the name of the being which pursues you. (If no name is given it is the  same as the being which you encountered that lead to becoming Pursued.) On any subsequent turn, before you have an encounter, roll 1 die. On a roll of 1 or 2, instead of a regular encounter, you are found by your Pursuer. You encounter him or her on the Pusuing line of Matrix H. To Lose: Your encounter with the pursuer will inform you if you lose the Pursued status.

We all had our laugh when this happened and I didn’t much care for my situation. Then Dean had his turn. It started out very interesting by meeting a “Dark Prince” and having a set of choices like these:

  • Pray
  • Avoid
  • Wait
  • Cry Out
  • Drink
  • Examine
  • Travel
  • Hide

He chose to Drink. So in essence he was having a drink with a Dark Prince. The story was also interesting but the reqard or consequence was boring compared to anyone elses. He was awarded 1 Story point. The story was somewhat anticlimatic.

It was my turn again and i had Dean move me thinking that I had a higher chance to rid myself of Ensorcelled. He ofcourse moved me the opposite direction to double my efforts. I then encountered more efreets and again i was given my reward. This time it was aleast a few story and destiny points but at the cost of my freedom. As part of the consequence/reward was that I beame Imprisoned. you might be thinking wow this game is brutal and kind of harsh and why would you play such a game if all that happens is bad stuff one after another. Well I thought about that too while i played a game where i did not advance and my friends where moving on and going to places and gaining fabulous treasures and interesting encounters. The reason why I continued to play with a smile on my face was that their journey was just so funny i just enjoyed the experience.

I could talk more about what happened in the game but there is alot to remember and i dont think it would be wise to write all of it down. So i will just tell you a short Summary of our game (Unless you really want to know???).

My Story as Scheherazade, journeying to seek adventure i encounter many magical beings called efreet. They are a variety of them from friendly to evil. I am Ensorcelled, Scorned, Imprisoned, Wounded and made Insane. Once I escape most of those effects I journeyed on only to be lost out at sea, trying to find my way back to Baghdad.

Caps’ story as Ali Baba was about a search for love (Ironically). He was chased all over the map of Europa and Africa by a Lovestruck Hag (It took him 2 hours to lose her). As he travelled he encountered strange and mystical sights such as a volcano in the middle of a swamp and getting teleported to the Cave of wonders only to be Imprisoned, Poisoned, Crippled and transformed into his Beast Form (a Monkey). He struggle to return to Baghdad due to an urge to go On Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Evil’s Story as Sindbad had the best start but with all that forture and glory he was cursed by an Enchantress to be Grief Stricken due to not being about to identify which end of a sword was sharp and killed a princess. He was then Married off by one of the many Sultans he encountered. With this he needed to return home to his new found Wife to tell his tales every time he visited a city. On one return journey he encountered a Terrible sand storm and was Lost for days on end (He was Lost for about 1 hour of the game). Once out of the storm he managed to arrive back home only to be turned into a slave. He never got out of slavery and was unable to return to Baghdad.

Dean’s Story as Aladdin was the most successful. He encountered many treasures big and small. Only encountered a few bad stuff like Beggars and Thieves and a few Efreets. But with his Luck and Determination he was Blessed by Allah for selling a merman out at sea and reaping the wealth. This allowed him to be the only one to complete his quest (The story of stories) and successfully return to Baghdad. Although he did not return unscaved as he was an Insane Outlaw who was also a Vizier who had an encounter with the sex-change spring and turned to the opposite gender. But he did still win the game.

I may sound like a loser trying to salvage myself from not winning but I personally think that anyone who has a good laugh with this game has already won.