Princes of the Apocalypse Part 17


Welcome back my eager readers,

This week’s session Adran could not make it but we got a new player to “somewhat” replace him. So in terms of story dynamics they were “transported” or swapped through magic. And due to the situation last week I had only mentioned 4 out of the 6 crystals. A new danger to the party. Invisible enemies. Transformation fusion. Air Elemental. Vanishing treasures. And of course Rock antics.

There is not much to rant about as this was a team combat encounter. But all of you should beware of cursed items. My version of what is a curse is not all too conventional. Like the Javelin of Light. Doesn’t sound cursed does it. But this particular item flashes its user and its surroundings with blinding light. And to avoid this effect each player (within 100ft of the wielder) must fail a Perception check of 15 and higher or is blinded for 1 hour. That’s right FAIL. It’s a twist to the rules.

So thematically the character was just too distracted with something else to notice the blinding light.

Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Arcana teleporta
  2. Dead end?
  3. Why is there 6 crystals?
  4. A strange mist/smoke
  5. Air elemental? Where? I can’t see it!!
  6. Invisible Stalker
  7. Rock, Smash!!!!!
  8. More Stalkers
  9. Stalkerssssss, Ha! Giant Air Elemental
  10. Only 1 dagger?
  11. Blinded by the light!!
  12. “We” need rest?
  13. We? Explore…
  14. Two Doors? Maybe its trapped!
  15. Fire melts Ice

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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 16


Welcome back my readers,

This week the team encountered more treasures and monsters. There was a bit of drama (well more like greed and impatience from one player) about the usage of the Magic Lamp. The Lady Grizilla swimming for some diamonds. Lothram finding and conversing with dragons. More Beholders. More strange encounters and Magical barriers. This was a pretty chaotic session with looting and fighting and “husband and wife” fighting/petty squabbles all at once.

So in short the party were figuratively split in two encounters. One group were looting the room for all its worth and Rock running into action.

And once the team was “done” with looting they cautiously snuck into combat with Rock. There was more looting but at some point I had to restrict their “capacity” to loot. So my players started looting more effectively. Only taking the more valuable things rather than every copper piece and shard of gem in the treasure pit.

By the way, the so called treasure pits dimensions were 15ft by 30ft by 100ft. It’s like Scrooge McDucks’ money bin. The treasure rooms all had similar treasure pits. And in that bandit stronghold there were 6 of them.

So, back to my rant, the team was literally fully loaded with treasure (130% loaded). After that Rock was in need of healing and Lothram was now the one to scout ahead, which he was able to find a Bronze wyrmling guarding the next room. So he had a chat. The next room was another treasure pit but the difference was that there were only 5 items within.


Here is the short summary of the session:

  1. Rock charges in
  2. Grizilla loots for diamonds
  3. Adran awakes alone and without the “Lamp” but with a note
  4. Adran and Gevauden argue about the contract concerning the Magical Lamp
  5. Lothram finds a bronze wyrmling. “Father” is prisoner?
  6. Another beholder
  7. More treasure
  8. 2 more dragonlings
  9. Crystals? In the treasure pit? They glow!!
  10. 3 more dragons
  11. 4 floating crystals + 1 magical barrier
  12. 5 weapons within
  13. Hidden dangers…

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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 15


Welcome back readers,

This week I get a full roster of players. Lothram and Grizilla return from the abyss and the party are finally whole (mostly as Rock was still wandering around the cavern solo). So the party was first split in two teams. Team A = Gevauden and Adran with Rock just missing to join. And Team B Lothram and Grizilla still resting at the entrance of the cavern.

Team B was mostly searching for the others and once they had met they continued to venture to the Bandit stronghold.

Team A on the other hand were first resting in their newly made sanctuary. Getting ambushed (as no one knows the value of standing watch). Fighting off some drow elves. Nearly getting killed by Rock and his Hammer (it was cursed with uncontrollable power). And drow poisons.

Once the team had gathered they encountered their fair share of traps, treasure, more treasure and the guardian of the room. A beholder. Once the fight and the looting were done (as well as salvaging the beholder for eyes) the team were then given a choice as there were three possible paths to continue to. Left, Right or Centre. They went Left?

Here is the short summary of the session:

Team A = Gevauden and Adran

  1. Resting in the Minotaur Maze after they made a wish to cleanse it
  2. 30 mins of arguing about who should get the Magic Lamp
  3. Ambush of Drow
  4. Rock joins the fight
  5. Rock + Hammer = cave-in
  6. Search for bandit stronghold entrance

Team B = Grizilla and Lothram

  1. Search for bandit stronghold entrance
  2. Finds a single Drow
  3. Questions?
  4. Lost in the caverns
  5. Spotted Rock
  6. Gathering the party before venturing forth!!!

As the whole crew

  1. Wall and Floor Traps !!!
  2. “Stealing” the spears (From the traps)
  3. A Room of treasure
  4. A Pit of Treasure
  5. Are there any enemies about?
  6. Setting an ambush!!
  7. More treasure
  8. A Beholder?
  9. Fight for their lives
  10. 3-way passage
  11. Let’s go Left?

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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 14


Welcome back readers,

In this session only Rock had returned from his absence. Lothram and Grizilla were still unavailable but were very eager to return if it was not due to work.

In this session Gevauden and Adran were now exploring the Minotaur’s maze entrance as there were many clues I had placed there to aid them in traversing the monster infested place. Though Gevauden was more eager to just rush in Adran took on the more patience approach and study the statues. But studying can only get you so far.

With many monsters and puzzles to overcome they both manage to reach the treasure the minotaurs were guarding. A Lamp.

On the other hand Rock was not with them and was just hunting down bandits and helping some mining dwarves. Explosives and destruction ensued and the three of the adventurers were finally able to meet.

Here is a short summary of what happened.

Adran & Gevauden

  1. Traversing the Maze
  2. More Minotaurs
  3. Maze Traps and Riddles
  4. Magic Lamp
  5. Tainted Maze
  6. The hammer of God (Helm’s Hammer)
  7. Wishes!!!???


  1. Searching for Bandits
  2. Dwarves need help
  3. Ropes?
  4. Bandit + Booom
  5. To the Mines
  6. Am I being hunted?
  7. Minotaur Maze


  1. Quick Exit


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Princes of the Apocalypse Part 13


Welcome back readers,

I know its been a long time since the last entry but it can’t be helped. I had no net for 10 days last week and a month ago had no net for 6 days. So in this session I had 2 players out of 5 as Lothram and Grizilla were still sick and Rock went on holiday or maybe it was a business trip.

This was around September of 2016, and with the success of the Halloween special the number of players that wanted to play was 9. I could have still handled it but it would be awkward as it would be run at the same time but two different sessions. So the player playing Randal decided it was best to run the other group as a DM.

Here my players Adran and Gevauden had been roaming around in the dark cavern to find the way to the bandit’s lair. They had encountered strange runes on the rock walls and pillars but most of them were misleading.

Here is a short summary of what happened.

1- Chasing the sentry

2- Ambush 1 > Investigation of strange runes

3- Ambush 2 > Fireballs go BOOM

4- Drow?

5- Dwarves’ need help. Mining is hard

6- More exploring > There is a pattern to the runes

7- Minotaur Maze


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My Adventures – Danna Fingers’ Back Story


This is my second character but it was the one that survived the longest and was the most annoying (by what the DM kept tell me).

Halfling thief – background


My story has been tragic all my life.

First of all my mother died giving birth to me.

Second was when my father decided to remarry to a horrible bitch of a woman. She always treated me like I was her slave because I was the imperfect child compared to her own.

Third was when my step-mother sold me off as a slave to pay for my father’s gambling debts. I never hated my father for his choices in life because I learned plenty of tricks from him. The most joyful I have ever remembered my father being after my mother dying was when he would share his skills of deception with me. As a child I found these tricks amazing and exciting but now I really know what they are really used for.

Forth was when the slave traders sold me off to a nasty guild of thieves. Being a Halfling I learnt that brunt strength was not my speciality. But stealth, sleight of hand and speed were my strength. I was forced to do many horrible things but there is one thing that I learned while being a slave and that was to escape this terrible life. The only person I have every trusted was my father. I have not seen him in many years. But there was one saying my father had told me that has kept me through this and it is.

“Danna my boy, there are many things in this world but only one thing that holds it all together. That one thing is… MONEY. With it, your life can give you all of your desires. Remember that, MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND”


My journey begins when I freed myself from my bonds of slavery. “But from here on out I need to find me some money… hmmm where should I start?”

My Adventures – Barbarian Back Story


This was my very first back story. I hope you enjoy it.

Dragonborn barbarian – background


I am just a simple warrior but even a simple warrior has a story and my story started on that day. Before I continue I need to tell you about my clan. My tribe are full of powerful barbarians and my clan are of the great dragonborns. Even though our clan is mostly made up of dragonborns we still have other races coming in and out of our village for trade. My clutch is made up of 4 brothers and 5 sisters. We may not have the same parents as our elders have told us, but we were all raised and trained together. I have two very special friends and we may be of different race but I have a warrior’s trust in them. They are dwarves. I first met Gol and Pit during my early days as a hatching in-training. They were both wardens at the time. I did not even know what a warden was until I met those two. But that’s enough of my friends, but now I need to shed some light on the rest of my tribe. As I have already mentioned they are dragonborns and our village has what I would call our leaders. They are the elders of the tribe. All elders of the tribe were great warriors of their time but now they have became great spiritual guides. Our true leader is the warrior chief that can only be chosen through a special event. This event is the commemoration of our past where our other rival clans would battle each other for glory and honour.

Now then, this was not how we use to live. One of the elders has told us that close to 300 years ago the 3 tribes of barbarians were rivals in a never ending war. This war was called THE BATTLE OF SLAUGHTER. In this war the 3 tribes of goliaths, dwarves and dragonborn would battle each other to show their Strength and Power over who should rule the 3 tribes but rivalries never end until another unknown power overwhelmed them. This mysterious power now rules over all of us and has chosen to allow the 3 tribes to live among each other. The ruler of the 3 tribes has granted us an opportunity to rule our tribes’ through a special method of selection. It is a tournament that tests the participants’ strength and skill in various challenges. These challenges are meant to eliminate the weak and test if the chosen champions have what it takes to lead and overcome the trials.

Now back to my story, in my clan I was selected as one of the champions to compete in the tournament. I was always the superior warrior of my clutch so it was obvious that I would be chosen but during the time when we were being judged I was the only one that was harassed by the elders for indirectly forcing my clutch to stand down. They always would tell me that there was no rule for intimidating, but that I was overusing it to get my way. I would never harm them but if intimidating them would get me the position as champion then tough luck. When I was told that I would be the champion for my clan I roared full of triumph. I must show our ruler that my strength and my clans’ strength are superior to our rivals. I thought that the title of true strength was when you are called DRAGON and our rule has this title. I have heard rumours that she has some ancient power. Her personal messenger has always and only appeared to give our 3 tribes advice. Her orders have always been strange. I have always thought that she was wise, strong (because of her title), powerful (because of her deeds) and ultimately… CRAZY. She must be the last of the strange powers that unified our clans and tribes together. I have always wanted to show her my strength and my ways of strength. If I ever get the chance to reveal how powerful my clan is to the other tribes then this tournament is a good place to start (I thought). I have always dreamed of being the ruler of the tribes since I first heard tales of the ruler. If I got the chance to meet her I would challenge her for her title of DRAGON. BUT my brothers and sisters claim that they have her tales and ballads from their own travels that our ruler is in-fact a REAL DRAGON. A blue dragon.

Our esteem elders have told us tales of the terrible tyrant “ARYGOS” and of how this terrible beast would destroy the lesser races and use dragonborns as slaves to show the races their cruelty. But our tribes’ chief of a generation ago had spoken to our ruler many times. I have always wondered how but through the primal spirits I now understand the method. Balasari was this chief’s name. She told a story that the ruler of the 3 tribes titled DRAGON was not a tyrant and that she had a method of speaking to her through ancestral spirits. Her PRIMAL RAGE.

My clutch were all told this same tale as little hatchlings. I, once believed such tales from my elders but as I experienced more of the world, all of the old windbags tales are now a little too farfetched and crazy to have any merit to me. I now only believe in what my brothers and sisters and friends say, so long as they were sober when telling their tale. I can now mostly believe and trust in what I have experienced. That is why I do not believe all those rumours of the ruler of all the barbarians of this region, is a 400 year old blue dragon. I did not think that a powerful and mystical dragon would want to rule us. I have always thought that all dragons were just wizards in disguise. Since wizards are frail weak beings and their jealously towards our muscle. We are just mighty warriors after all. Simple warriors that seek the thrill of gaining honour, glory and to prove who among us is the strongest.

Since the time of being chosen, to be the competing champion, I was given the time when the competition would begin, so I had a few seasons to train myself. But I needed to provide an offering to powerful Kord. So that I may be granted his blessing in the upcoming tournament. Before I departed for my training my friends and family gave me precious momentos. Gol and Pit gave me a craghammer they had crafted. My sisters provided me with special clan tattoos and my brothers gave me symbols of our clan THE FIERCE TALON. Our tribe chief honoured me with two items one iron dagger with a carving of Kord and a wooden symbol of our tribe THE DRAGON TALON.

10 days into my training while I rested in nearby fields, I felt a strange sensation. It was not of the primal spirits or of the natural ones. I then found myself awoken and the scenery had changed from peaceful windy plains to a strangely well lit cavern. It looked familiar to the caves where my friends and I would dig for black ores. But this [place seemed more crafted than carved out. Then within moments of selecting unique features, so that I could tell Gol and Pit a new place to dig for ore. I was suddenly and instantly approached by a massive creature. For a moment it looked like a massive, giant Blue SPIKE DRAKE, but then it spoke to me. Then I knew what it really was… I roared in my naïve tongue “I challenge you to battle… WIZARD”.  After my very loud and commanding demand, all I got was mumbled speak saying “YOU haha CHALLENGE…. ME….haha….WIZARD….haha… I CAN’T BREATH rahahaha”. I thought it was a loud and seemingly insulting roar back. It seemed like heavy laughter instead of actual words. Then after it stopped and the room returned to silence, its eyes glared at me and said “YOU HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL IN BEING GRANTED LEADERSHIP OF YOUR TRIBE but you are not ready. You have the motivation to lead as a great warrior but you do not have TRUE STRENGTH.”

“I know I am strong so why do I need this TRUE STRENGTH you speak of. And what would a wizard like you know of being STRONG like me and the other barbarians.” I announced.

But within an instant I had said those words it swiftly struck me with its claw and said “YOU FOOL, stop calling me a wizard. I am daughter of Sythdos, Agados of the Onyx claws.” Then said very slowly as if she was talking to a small hatching with a whole lot of frustration “I. AM. A. BLUE. DRAGON. NOT. A. DRAKE. OR. A. WIZARD.” With those words and her attack I was knocked backwards. Then she continued in a more calmed speech “Your values of strength are not enough, You need more than that. Now to obtain what I mean you must venture out into the world to improve your so called strength, skill and knowledge. So that you can journey pass the mountain ranges I will mark you with my power and send you past them.”

“But what of my clan and friends they will search for me if I am not in the tournament.” I told her.

“I will tell my messenger to tell the tribes that I have sent you on an important mission and cannot return until then.”

“What if the messenger tells that message wrong or cannot convince them and who is this messenger of yours anyway.”

“He is the esteem spiritual elder.”

“Huh, no one’s gonna believe the old windbag I mean he speaks in riddles.”

I was struck again and slammed against the cavern wall. I felt an almost deadly serious emotion and the spirits within were also filled with the same malice.



Then I awoke in an unfamiliar forest. I thought it was all a dream but when I started to rub my face I felt tremendous pain as if immense claws had struck me. To check my face I searched for a stream of water. When I saw my face in front of the water I roared because of my weakness. Afterwards I started to hear voices from a distant and saw a settlement. And I thought to myself “Where is this place? It does not look familiar” and “What did that wizard… I mean dragon mean by TRUE STRENGTH?” At least I still have all my gear and trinkets.

“I guess this is a good place to start…”